Enjoy Your Awe-Someness!

To be more focused on what you want to create is to bring your attention into enthusiastic anticipation of what you’re creating now (rather than later)!

Let yourself enjoy the ride on the river your goals take you on!  And of course, some rivers flow faster than others. Some rides are more fun than others! And you can choose how fast you want your river to flow, and you can also choose a calm ride or a wild adventure. You can even mix it up!

And what if you were to refuse to get caught in “needing to get there” …   in order to have greater happiness, success or whatever you think is available … when you connect with your dreams and goals?

Be there now, immerse yourself in the love, happiness,  success, appreciation now … you get to name it and you can have it now!  No waiting required.

Because there are no limits to how you feel; enjoy your “awe-someness”!

Celebrating Magic and Miracles EveryDay!


Elari Onawa

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