Don’t Grow Up, It’s A Trap!

Have you ever felt burdened or exhausted by what felt like too many priorities and responsibilities to juggle? Well, in this week’s message for more of your version of awesome, you are going to discover the source of those feelings, and you’ll also see what you can add to your life … so you can have more freedom and play in your daily experience.

Length: 10 1/2 Playful & Fulfilling Minutes! 

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So, are you ready to claim something more fulfilling or playful?

Here are the questions I ask at the end of the video. I hope you create a new possibility that really lights you up!  Because you are a light, and you are meant to shine brightly!

1. What does being an adult or a grownup mean to you? In other words, what assumptions or conclusions have you drawn about being an adult? Write down everything that occurs to you.

And when you’re done exploring that …

2. What to do want to expand in your daily experience as a grownup? I recommend focusing first on how you want to feel, before adding details. Here are some examples I hear when people come to work with me – I want more freedom, purpose, adventure, fulfillment or joy. For others, it’s more about balance, confidence, or harmony and ease. So, how do you truly want to feel as a grownup? Get present to that, so you can have it!

3. What will you claim for yourself, put into place, be or do, starting now, to have that?

Here’s to your version of awesome! 


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