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My mission is to create a more peaceful and loving world by teaching others how to create a fulfilling and joyful life from the heart and soul of who they truly are. I do this because I see far too many people going through the motions, making themselves wrong, or staying in unfulfilling work or relationships, and that’s not necessary. Life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, according to your own definition of awesome!

I’ve been a Self-Discovery and Life-On-Purpose coach since 2003, and I’m also a published author. So, I’ve helped people from all around the world experience rapid, dramatic, and lasting transformation.

Life Purpose Coach Virginia Beach

I have designed a complimentary 40-minute discovery session (valued at $235) that is specifically designed to help you:

life purposeDiscover a new awareness of what’s causing the challenges in your life, and what’s really behind the desire for more purpose, fulfilment and ease!

Find renewed enthusiasm about your untapped potential and new, powerful possibilities!

life purpose Get my recommendations about the best coaching program or “next-step” plan for moving into the fun and purpose-filled life you’ve been searching for!

I'ts TimeI’ve created a few questions to get you started. I review each submission personally before scheduling a Discovery Session.  You’ll receive a reply within 24 hours,  (M-F) during business hours. I’ll include a link to schedule your discovery session, or I may give you other recommendations if  I see something that would be of greater benefit to you at this time.

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