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a gift from a spirit guideToday is a perfect day to renew, add to, or start a 3 or 6-session coaching package. Why? Because, not only will you get the personal, soul-nourishing support from working with me one-on-one … you’ll also get some really powerful bonuses!

As a life coach, author,  and life purpose program leader, I work with amazing people, like you, to help you:

  • get clear about what you want to create next in your relationships, work or life’s journey
  • connect with your heartfelt dreams and goals more quickly, and gracefully
  • break free from procrastination, unwanted patterns, fear or self-doubt
  • learn how to develop and strengthen your intuitive connection with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides
  • remain on target and in harmony with your passion and purpose or
  • create a powerful pathway to greater freedom and fulfillment

Each session is 90-minutes, and on the phone or in person. 

Packages are a powerful way to get ongoing support, and grow quickly. This is why they’re so popular with my clients.

When you get a 3 or 6 session package  … you also get these amazing bonuses …

Bonus 1: 5 Simple, Yet Powerful Ways to Experience More Fun and Purpose Now You’ll love this 9-page, simple, yet high-impact guide, especially if you’re feeling busy, and are looking to expand your sense of purpose and fun. You’ll learn how to find your happiness “sweet spot” and discover the simple choice you need to make, in order to experience more fun and purpose now, today, and tomorrow and the day after that …!

Bonus 2: Goals with Soul: a Template for Getting Clear about What You Really want, and What You Need to Embrace to Have it! This is a 5-page super-clarifying tool to connect with your Soul Truth, especially as it relates to your goals and dreams. You’ll define your own definition of success, and I’ll walk through what you need to see in order line up with your soul goals!

When we work one-on-one, we can go deeper. I’ll answer your questions, and you’ll be able to learn and create faster and easier.

Bonus 3: Just Believe: How Faith in Yourself Shifts Everything.

When you get a package by 5 PM EST Friday 12/2, you’ll also get a free electronic copy of my powerful book, so you can access it on any of your devices. Refer to it often to create from a clear space!

Your bonuses will be delivered within minutes after you sign up or renew your coaching package, along with instructions for setting up your first appointment, if you’re not already scheduled.

Aligning With Your Highest Potential 3-Session Package $365 (reg. $405) Save $40 

3 Session Mentoring Package
3 Session Mentoring Package
We meet on the phone or in-person for 3 powerful 90-minute sessions.
Price: $705
Price: $595


Aligning With Your Highest Potential

6 Session Package $695  (reg. $810)  Save $115 

6 Session Mentoring Package
6 Session Mentoring Package
We meet on the phone or in-person for 6 Powerful 90-Minute Sessions.
Price: $1410
Price: $1,134


Here’s to clarity, joy and purpose!

Much  Love, 


Elari Onawa

Author of “Just Believe: How Faith in Yourself Shifts Everything!”

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