Ever Wonder Why You Resist a Goal You Really Want?

For all those who’ve ever wondered why they resisted a dream or goal they really wanted ...

self-confidenceWhat do you think you have to sacrifice in order to feel more… fulfilled, beautiful, balanced or prosperous?

If you’ve ever wondered why you resist a goal you really wanted, ask yourself this question; what do I believe I have to sacrifice in order to have this? Your answer can point you in a powerful direction and the realization of your true creative abilities!

Not only do you have the ability to choose what you want, you also have the ability to choose how you want to receive it! Anything can work if you’re able to believe that it can. It’s only natural that our first response to creating something new is to search outside ourselves. We are conditioned to do so. But if we believe the way feels hard, and then believe that is the only way to have what we desire, we’ve just set ourselves up for resignation. And we’re also not seeing the bigger picture!

There is an opportunity calling you.. to go within and find your own truth! See where you are not taking action…because you don’t like how you think it “has to” be accomplished. Now imagine that there are as many ways to succeed on your path, as there are stars in the sky. It is only then that we begin to truly grasp the scope of our creative abilities.

So the questions I leave you with today are

1. What’s something you really want to experience but have been resisting?

2.  What do you think you have to sacrifice in order to have it? Are you ready to let that go?

3. If so, can you believe there’s an easier more joyful way to experience what you truly desire?

4. What does that look like for you?

It is yours for the creating! Enjoy!


You are amazing, claim it! 


Author of Just Believe” How Faith in Yourself Shifts Everything!

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