Creating from a Clear Space

openingyourselfupWhat do you really want? What do you want to experience today, tomorrow, one year from now? These questions give rise to an expanded sense of direction. They help you prioritize what you want to create for yourself, today and over time. The answers to these questions taken together, help you prioritize your choices, and guide you into “ways of being” that support what you most want to experience. They give order to unrest, and clarity where there was once confusion.

If you’re looking for a deeper sense of purpose, you might also want to ask yourself, what really matters to me? This is one of my favorite questions to ask when I’m working with someone who’s accustomed to putting other people’s priorities ahead of their own, or when they’re moving out of a period of transformation and asking; now what? In these moments, we want to give ourselves some elbow room, so we can create from a clear space, free from the confines of the past. In other words, we want to set aside the “have tos and shoulds”, external opinions, and what we think social convention or past experience dictates. We want to be guided by self-love (self-appreciation, reverence, and respect), and the expectation of good! We want to choose out of love, rather than limitation, fear, or avoiding something unwanted. As we open to receive the best, we’ve entered the “kingdom of heaven”, a higher state of awareness, and positive expectation.

We all know that when we’ve experienced an upset, the pull of a painful story can be enticing. But if we follow that story of upset or wrongdoing, there’s no opportunity to create what is truly desired. The retelling of the story keeps you stuck in the unwanted. Instead, we are called to “take the throne” to transcend the lower mind that wants to assign blame and judge. We are called to live from the Higher Aspects of ourselves … the part of us that comes from love, joy, and respect for one’s right to be Self-determined. We are called to expect more of ourselves, and our lives to see ourselves a bigger! In doing so, we get what we truly want to experience … more clarity, play, freedom, love, peace … thriving, rather than surviving.

What do you desire, what really matters?

What do you want to experience today… tomorrow … and one year from now?

Give yourself some time in stillness. Do some deep breathing, clear your mind and feel peace. Smile and relax. All that has transpired is in the past. You are bringing into the present moment love, wisdom and ease. Ask, and write down your answers. Keep writing, and write some more, if you are called to do so. See clearly what truly matters to you now, and into the future. See yourself stepping into that experience with mastery and ease.
I am aligned with my highest good. I can see _____, I feel _____, and I know ____.

I know what I truly desire, and I now allow myself to have it. I claim it as mine.

I am clear and powerful. And all is well!

Happy travels!


Elari Onawa

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