How To Create Lasting Value

In this week’s message, you’ll learn how to create more happiness and fulfillment in your life by learning how to create lasting value. You’ll also discover why knowing who you truly are and then claiming what you value from the soul level is essential for being deeply happy, fulfilled and on purpose. Let’s dive in! You can do this and it’s closer than you might think, the wisdom, the beauty it’s all within you!

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How To Create Lasting Value

Hi, I’m Elari Onawa, I’ve been a Life On Purpose Coach since 2003. I’m also the author of Just Believe: How Faith In Yourself Shifts Everything! My mission is to create a more peaceful and loving world by showing awesome people like you how to create deeper fulfillment and purpose from the heart and soul of who you truly are. I do this through my books, programs, coaching, and messages like this one.

Welcome to messages for creating more of your version of awesome. Welcome to this week’s message How To Create Lasting Value!

Two of the most powerful breakthroughs that I facilitate when working with my awesome clients are number one true Self-discovery, that is getting to the heart and soul of who you are, beyond what you’ve been told and even beyond what you may currently think is true about yourself and your life. And the other most powerful or liberating breakthrough is helping people get to the heart and soul of what truly matters to them and then coming up with a plan, so they can realize that heartfelt desire in a fulfilling way. And I do this because if we, as individuals, are going to live life to the absolute fullest if we are going to be unconditionally happy and feel unconditional love if we want to be Self or Soul-realized … then we have to know who we truly are on a deeper level, and we also need to know what we truly value at a soul level. Once you know and anchor these powerful aspects about yourself, then it is possible to live on purpose, in alignment with the higher aspects of your awesome Self, the big self, the true you.

This isn’t always easy, because we are surrounded by an infinite number of opinions about what “should” matter, what or whom we “should” focus on, what we “should” buy to feel better, and who we should be … all based on other people’s perspectives and opinions. So, it is truly an adventure, and a work of art and mastery to become a Self, an awesome individual, so you can shine your light in your own unique way, so you can live your life to the fullest. This is where true freedom resides when we’re committed to living life to the fullest. This is also where we find lasting happiness.

Think about it. How can you possibly have lasting happiness, feel free, unstoppable, or be the best version of yourself if …  you are negatively affected by external conditions, or by the opinions of others, or if you don’t know who you truly are, or what you truly value, or you don’t know how to live from the most authentic and powerful aspects of your awesome self, your big self?

The truth is you can’t be free or happy any other way. This is part of your soul journey here in the sandbox of time and space. Being fully soul-expressed, being authentically and powerfully you is where the magic, the joy, and true fulfillment happens! That’s why I work with people who are committed to living their best lives — to living on purpose, from the highest aspects of themselves. This is where awesome happens! It’s also where you make your greatest contributions.

So, a necessary component of creating lasting value is to get in touch with what truly matters to you, beyond social conditioning, and beyond the inherited conversations about how life “should” be.

And value isn’t something you are always present to simply because you want it. You have to get in touch with what you personally, individually value, in other words, what you deem worthy of giving your precious time and energy to. Like happiness, value is self-created. And once you know what you value or deem important or worthy or fun or fulfilling or awesome … then you must live it by cultivating it, by being on purpose!

If  You Value …

So, for example, if you value kindness, see why you value it. Feel and see the impact and why it matters to you. Then cultivate and be kind to yourself first. Then, your kindness can be shared with others for you! If you value respect, then understand the value of respect, and why it really matters to you first. Then be respectful, toward yourself first, because it matters to you. Then you’ll naturally extend deeper respect to others. You’ll also be living according to what you value. You’ll be a contribution to what you value, and you’ll also attract more of what you value into your daily experiences.

This is so powerful and fulfilling.

So what do you truly value?

If you’ve never asked yourself this question, or you have but didn’t anchor it for yourself, or if you’ve transformed a lot since you’ve explored this powerful question … then now might be that perfect time for you to discover more about what deeply matters to you.

So, I invite you to get present to what do you truly value?

Once you truly hold something in high regard, you will stay present to it and you will live from that value. You’ll create lasting value by going deeper and living from that quality or qualities, from the higher aspects of who you truly are.

Make it your mission to learn what you deeply care about for yourself first and then for others. See why is matters to you and own that higher value.

And if you are someone who is committed to living from your version of awesome, if you are committed to living life from the higher aspects of yourself, of living from soul, so you can claim deeper happiness and fulfillment and success on your own terms, then my 16-week Fun And Purposeful Life Private Coaching Program may just be the perfect fit for you. You can fill out a request for a free 40-minute Living On Purpose Discovery Session here at this link if you’re called to do so.

If you’ve discovered something powerful today, share this video message with others! And if you don’t already subscribe to my weekly messages for more of life’s magic and awesomeness, you can do that here on my website. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next week!

Here’s to what you value! Here’s to what truly matters to you!

Much Love,


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