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Your heartfelt dreams and desires are the language of your soul. They call you forth to who you truly are, a powerful spiritual and creative being, capable of amazing things!  You are wired to grow and evolve as you align with what you truly want to experience.  And this is all meant to be fun!  If something feels hard, it may not be the right goal, approach, or you may need to develop a skill or transform a perspective, so you can fully embrace what’s calling you forth!  I’m here to help you sort that out, and create a beautiful path for yourself,  and your life!

I work with you, at the ontological  level, to help you see the root cause of what you’re currently creating, and then what is needed to create what you  want to experience next…  in your work … your relationships …  with your family… in your finances…and in your ability to fully and powerfully experience life!

Anything is possible, when you learn how to work with the basic building blocks we use to create our lives! I  guide you through that, so we can experience life, as you truly want it to be, with grace and ease, and a greater sense of freedom, play and your definition of success! I consider it an honor to work with my clients. Like you, they’re creating empowering new possibilities for themselves, and their lives!  And that in turn creates new liberating possibilities for others!

These Powerful Sessions Can Be Used To:

  • Get clear about what you really want to create next in your relationships, at work, or in your experience.
  • See your heartfelt dreams and desires unfold more quickly, and gracefully.
  • Break free from procrastination, unwanted patterns, fear or self-doubt.
  • Learn how to develop and strengthen  your intuitive connection with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides
  • Remain on target and in harmony with your Passion and Purpose!
  • Create  a powerful pathway to greater Freedom and Fulfillment

Each session is 90-minutes, and on the phone or in person. You can select the option that works for you when you schedule your appointment.  The length of each session is suited for fostering in-depth exploration and learning, as you create powerful breakthroughs and dance into new territory!

You Can Schedule Your Session Here For More Of Your Version Of Awesome!

To find a time slot that works for you,  scroll below to view scheduling options. To advance to the next month, click on the right arrow at the top of the calendar. Just select the time and fill out the scheduling form.  You’ll receive a confirmation email as soon as you do and will be well on your way to more of your version of awesome!

If you live in or near Virginia Beach and would like to meet in person, choose the In-Person calendar.

Otherwise, use the “phone session” calendar. Call-in or location details are emailed to you when you register. So be sure to check your email address before clicking submit.

If you need help finding a time that fits your schedule  Contact Me! I look forward to connecting with you!

You can pay for your package on this page after scheduling.

Session Packages


Aligning With Your Highest Potential

 3-Session Package 

3 Session Mentoring Package
3 Session Mentoring Package
We meet on the phone or in person for 3 90-minute sessions.
Price: $525.00

Aligning With Your Highest Potential

6-Session Package ( Save $100) 

6 Session Mentoring Package
6 Session Mentoring Package
We meet on the phone or in person for 6 Powerful 90-Minute Sessions.
Price: $1,050.00
Price: $949.00
People who are connected to what they truly want and who they truly are, have a deep sense of purpose and joy! They are also masterful creators! Let’s get started!

Much  Love, 


Elari Onawa

Author of “Just Believe: How Faith in Yourself Shifts Everything!”

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Elari Onawa

Author of “Just Believe: How Faith in Yourself Shifts Everything!” I’ve been coaching and leading Life Purpose and Self-Discovery programs since 2003. Prior to that, I led large organizations for 20+ years, helping them align with their dreams and goals. If you're looking for more meaning and fulfilment, if you're ready for more awesome ...I can help you have that!
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