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For Powerful Momentum & Amazing Results

If you are ready to build powerful momentum  with a  goal or heartfelt desire that matters to you, you’re in the right place! This is a perfect choice for creating results in an easier and happier way.  With private, customized-to-you coaching, you can quickly move into the best action for you with greater clarity and confidence. You can grow into your goals and see the results you really want faster.  And it’s not about pushing or trying harder either; it’s about getting soul-nourishing support that allows you to have more fun as you line up with what matters to you!


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If You Want Amazing Results Fast

In Your Private, Customized-To-You Coaching Session We’ll :  

  • Create THE BREAKTHROUGH you need, so you can confidently move forward and get the results you’re looking for.
  • Transform procrastination, worry, the inner critic, and other gremlins to positive, soul-nourishing momentum! 
  • Develop simple strategies to help you focus and create what you really want.
  • Build clarity, confidence and inspired action into your daily routine in a natural way. 
Your sessions are 90-minutes in length ad we’ll meet on the phone. (You can opt for in-person sessions if you live in or near Virginia Beach). 

Why does momentum matter?

This energy keeps you inspired, focused and in the flow! When you have momentum, you’re more creative and you’re far less likely to procrastinate. Plus, when you have momentum going for you, everything gets easier, and the doubt and second-guessing goes away too. You’re having fun and you’re making the progress you want. Yay!

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Package Options:

 Option1: 3-Session Package (Save $110)

We meet on the phone every other week for a period of 6-weeks to get you and your goal on track, and we’ll be building powerful momentum.

This 3-Session Private Coaching Package option is best for you if you are clear about what you want, but you just haven’t been able to get the momentum you desire. You’re self-directed and can easily move into action, when you have some added support, a feel-good plan, and guidance to help you through the bumps and blindspots.

3 Session Mentoring Package
3 Session Mentoring Package
We meet on the phone or in-person for 3 powerful 90-minute sessions.
Price: $705
Price: $595

Option 2: 6-Session Package (Save $276) 

We meet on the phone every week for a period of 6-weeks, or every other week for a period of 12 weeks to get you, your goal and the results you’re looking for on track and in positive forward momentum. This option has all the benefits of option 1 with these added features:

– Because we meet more frequently or for a longer period of time, we’re able to go deeper and create longer lasting, sustainable transformation.

– You’ll get more customized-to-you support and this means expanding your ability to confidently follow your heart, identify and transform unwanted patterns, and create a way-of-being that allows you to continue to grow beyond your current goals.

This option is best for you, if you are feeling challenged right now, know that you’ll flourish more inside additional support, and are ready for a major upgrade in the way you accomplish your goals, so you can have an easier, happier, more fulfilling journey.

Want option 2?

6 Session Mentoring Package
6 Session Mentoring Package
We meet on the phone or in-person for 6 Powerful 90-Minute Sessions.
Price: $1410
Price: $1,134


While you’re in your private coaching program, you’ll also get personal email coaching from me to support you between sessions. If you choose option 2, we’ll decide the best frequency for your coaching sessions after we meet for your first coaching session.

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