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Greetings Vicky,

Welcome to your private Soul Journey page. Here you will find your session recordings, and soul vision statement brought forward just for you.

You are so much more than you can see with your physical eyes. Remember always who you truly are…a powerful creator, a Free Spiritual Being. You came into this lifetime to learn, and you also came to explore and experience joy! And so, the physical aspects of your experience, be they emotions, conditions, or what has manifested before you… are always a result of something deeper, a choice, your choice!  They are tools to assist you as you learn, just as they are creations to enjoy! This knowledge gives you freedom and dominion over your experiences, as well as the ability to experience GREAT JOY in any moment. Choose to see your life through the eyes of your Soul, and you will have the joy and freedom you seek. All is well!


Your Session Recording

audio_listenINSTRUCTIONS: RIGHT CLICK on the Download Link and choose “Save Link or File As” to save the file to your computer . You may also LEFT CLICK the download link to save the audio files to your device. To listen from this page, press play on the audio player.


Your Session Recording

Length: 1 Hour 54 Minutes



Your Soul Vision Statement and Practice 

“I Vicky am a powerful creator, divine and beautiful! I know who I truly am,  an eternal Spiritual Being. And what lights me up is living an amazing life! I am here to play, and in this lifetime it is my desire to:

  • experience the freedom of transcending judgement (right and wrong, good and bad)
  • raise my consciousness and positive vibration
  • embrace my creative power! 

I am my own knight in shining armour, so who I am , what I do, and how I do it are rooted in unconditional Faith in my Self,  kindness, loyalty to Truth, and honoring myself and my life. And so it is!

Write your Soul Vision statement in a journal or index card in your own writing. As you write, consider what the words mean to you, and the possibilities that open up for you. Review your Soul Vision Statement in the morning and in the evening right before going to bed for a period of thirty days. Breathe deeply as you read it, letting the uplifting vibration wash over you, and vibrate from you. If you are drawn to speak it aloud, do so. Be with the words.

You may also want o keep a journal of your experiences. When we next meet , we will explore your experiences, and deepen your understanding and integration of this expanded new way of seeing yourself and your life. You are powerful and you are now claiming that on a whole new level, congratulations!

Your Archetype and Purpose

The purpose of life is joy. You experience your greatest fulfillment when you allow yourself to be happy, regardless of how things may currently appear.

Your Soul Purpose and Archetpye

Your soul essence could be compared to a knight in shining armour. You are noble, kind and enthusiastic.  You are at your best when you are dedicated to a worthy cause. If this is left undefined, you can feel out of sorts, with a lot of energy, but with no place to direct it.   

Your soul purpose is the essence of who you are, over many lifetimes. At your core, you are enthusiastic on every level, Your aim is to be free from judgement, of any kind toward yourself or others. You love and cherish full Self-expression, individuality, and value Self-Awareness and Wonder above all else. You have a romantic heart, romance of every kind, for you see beauty in everything, the flowers, as well as the weeds!

Your Life Purpose:

is JOY as you embrace what you came to learn with enthusiasm and zeal! You are here to:

  • experience freedom from judgment right and wrong, good and bad
  • raise your consciousness and positive vibration
  • embrace your creative power! 

Your Rule of Right Action: In times of stress or confusion seek spiritual nourishment. In fact, creating moments of spiritual nourishment will be of great benefit to you as you master life’s energies. 

What’s Next?

  • Use Your Soul Vision Statement as indicated above.
  • Journal your experiences, note what’s opening up for you and what questions are forming. We can cover these in your next session.
  • You may also want to schedule time to listen to the recordings of your session . Notice if something jumps out for you, or creates a tingling, or physical sensation in your body. These are often signs from your angels and spirit guides to pause and  take notice, there is something for you to see at this time.  If you have questions, and you most likely will, we can explore them in your next session, or feel free to send me an email.

As you listen, be with, and feel the energy and meaning of both the words, and the empty spaces. There is a highly creative intelligence within, and all around you. Be present to it, relish it, and you will witness a deeper form of love emerging, one that goes beyond the traditional definitions of the human experience.

Thank you for inviting me to join you on your journey, it is truly an honor.  And in the spirit of adventure that called you forth … let yourself play full-out in the sandbox of time and space! 

Walk in beauty, 


Elari Onawa P: 757.373.1408

P.S. Please bookmark this page so you can come back to it easily. ** Your recordings will be available for 90 days. *** Please download the audio files, so you have a personal copy.

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