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Greetings Awesome Veronica,

Welcome to your private Soul & Life Journey page.Here you will find your session recordings, and messages brought forward just for you.

A Personal Message from Our Spirit Guides

A true master learns how to fine tune her instrument. And your instrument is your consciousness, how you choose to see yourself… life… the world … and therefore, what you’re able to contribute and experience!  As you embrace your powerful gifts and abilities, you will find a greater expression of your Self emerging. As you deepen your intuitive and creative gifts Veronica, your spiritual sight and listening will expand to allow you to step more deeply into the deeper truths, and  what is back of … life … Itself. Some call these ways that of the Shaman or Medicine Woman, for they work in the realm of spirit, the basic building blocks of thought and matter. Other traditions may call these people mystics, saints, or elders.  In your modern day role as a Chief, you intuitively brought forth some of the energies, skills, and knowings of a Kind, Nurturing Guide, while also deepening your abilities to stand as the thoughtful archetypal Grandfather, to create a gentle, yet powerful space. This space is very powerful, and allows people to relax and develop trust, through the nature of your presence. This “all-is-well” space, and the deeper insights you provide are very healing indeed!  This energy and consciousness attracts people to you, for they are able to expand, through your energy, and way of being.

As you navigate your personal human experience, resist nothing in the moment. Of course, allow your individual preferences and higher wisdom to guide you to the choices that bring the most joy for you.  But do not collapse yourself into what is created. Remember always that you are the eternal explorer …. creator… and “experiencer”. All works on your behalf. Step above identity, and circumstance, and you will see truth, peace,  and a calm and abiding power. This power knows no limits.

Thank you for inviting me, Elari, to join you on your journey, it is truly an honor.  And in the spirit of adventure that called you forth … let yourself play full-out in the sandbox of time and space! 


Your Session Recordings and Personal Mantra

audio_listenINSTRUCTIONS: RIGHT CLICK on the Download Link and choose “Save Link or File As” to save the file to your computer . You may also LEFT CLICK the download link to save the audio files to your device. To listen from this page, press play on the audio player.

Your Session Recording

Length: 2:23


Your Anchoring Meditation

Length: 12:47


Your Personal Mantra – for this Point on Your Spiritual Path

“I Veronica am a powerful spiritual being, strong and beautiful. I am a Kind Guide, and  am open to receive the absolute best of what is mine to  explore, enjoy and do! Thank you God! And so it is!”

Use your Mantra in the morning and in the evening right before going to bed. Breathe deeply as you read it, letting the uplifting vibration wash over you , and vibrate from you. If you are drawn to speak it aloud, do so. Use your intuition to tell you when you no longer need to use your mantra, and/or are ready for something else. As you grow, so too will your desires, needs and intentions. And so the “power words” that will guide, and support you on the next part of your journey, will evolve as well. This is often when people are guided to make another appointment to explore their experiences, deepen their understanding, or to get assistance, as they continue to grow and evolve. As always, follow your intuition.  You will know when that time is right for you.

What’s Next?

Schedule time to listen to the recording of your session. Takes notes, and listen for themes that are woven together throughout your reading. Also notice if something jumps out to you, or creates a tingling, or physical sensation in your body. These are often signs from your angels and spirit guides to pause and  take notice, there is something for you to see at this time. As you listen, be with and feel the energy and meaning of both the words, and the empty spaces. There is a highly creative intelligence within, and all around you. Be present to it, relish it, and you will witness a deeper form of love emerging, one that goes beyond the traditional definitions of the human experience.

Download your anchoring meditation, and listen to it, as you are guided, breathing deeply, and relaxing completely. And if I can be of assistance, or help you on your journey, know that I am here for you.    


Walk in beauty, 


Elari Onawa P: 757.373.1408

P.S. Please bookmark this page so you can come back to it easily. Your recordings will be available for 60 days. Please download the audio files, so you have a personal copy.

You are amazing!

Celebrate your precious life!

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