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Elari OnawaWelcome to your private session page! You’ll find your recording(s) below. You can listen here online or download them to your computer or device and then listen anytime. Please download the recording within 30 days, so you have  a personal copy for your records. As you listen take notes, and let yourself be with the energy behind and within the words. Let the deeper meaning permeate your consciousness and see what life now looks like from this vantage point.

Come from the Transformed Mine, the Higher Self. This is where the Wisdom of the Infinite Resides. You are powerful and all is well!


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Session 2 Doing What you Love November 4, 2013

In this session we focused on the building blocks of a powerful message. When you can share what you’re passionate about in a powerful way, you feel confident and empowered, and are able to make a difference in a broader and deeper way. This is one of the many reasons why we are anchoring the fundamentals of your core message.  As you say this aloud, you’ll notice a shift in your energy and a Growing Belief in yourself and the power of your work! This benefits you as well as those you work with. Expect new, powerful  ideas to emerge,  more enthusiasm, confidence, and clients! Open yourself up to the magic that is yours. 

Run Time: 1 Hour 44 Minutes


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In all the world, across every mountain … and along every shore, you will never… ever  find another You!

You are a miracle!

So what will you do today to celebrate this beautiful and most precious life of yours?

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