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Welcome to your private session page! You’ll find your recording(s) below, some powerful reminders and your recommended daily practice.  I recommend reading through this page, as it will expand what we talked about in your session, and will help you create what you want to expand in your life experience. You are powerful, and have the ability to transform your life any way you choose!

You can listen to the recording of your session here,  or download your recording to your computer or device and then listen anytime. Please download the recording within 30 days, if you want to  keep a personal copy for your records. Let yourself be with the energy and the potential of what you are now creating!

You are powerful and all is well!

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Session 1 Saturday, March 22, 2014

Run Time: 1 Hour 39 Minutes


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~ A Beautiful New Way of “Doing Life” ~

Congratulations, you are transforming the way of thinking that is not in harmony with the life you really want  to create for yourself, and what you know in your heart to be true. And that truth is that you’re very powerful, and are naturally wired to thrive, and be happy.  When your holding onto a vantage point (a personal belief, an expectation, or inherited conversation ) that is not in harmony with what you know the purpose of life to be, it will feel uncomfortable.  And that IS A GOOD THING, because when you feel uncomfortable, stressed, frustrated, unhappy,  etc.  that’s your internal guidance system telling you to shift your way of looking at something. When you feel trapped or disempowered,  that means your vantage point is not helping you create what you really want.   

It is done unto you, as you believe.

When you’re creating from a powerful vantage point, you’ll feel powerful, happy, and begin to expect, and attract more and more uplifting experiences in your life.  Powerful ideas, opportunities, and the confidence to act, come from an uplifting, empowering vantage point.  Those uplifting ideas and opportunities, simply can’t occur to you from a disempowering vantage point. That is because your mind will filter what you can see according to your expectations about how the world works, how people are, and especially what you believe to be true about yourself! Your mind will only let you have, what you believe to be true.

At any moment, you can choose a vantage point that empowers you and others, or you can choose a vantage point that dis-empowers yourself or others. **If in doubt, check in to see how you feel, or ask the question does this vantage point empower me, does it lift me up, make me feel good… or does it dis-empower me, or make me feel trapped?      



Use new, empowering language to upgrade and transform your beliefs. Put the old way of thinking in the PAST, with “I used to”. This gives the subconscious mind permission to let go of the old filtering system (your old vantage point), so you can create a NEW one, that is a match for what you really want to create!

And you create a Powerful New Vantage point with “And now …” Keep reaching for language that feels better and is in tune with what you really want to create.

Then let your mind say YES to all of the reasons you can have what you want. You do this with

and why is it…  

for example… Why is it so fun and easy to make great decisions? Why is it so easy to create a life I love? Why am I so wise and happy? 

You can do this at any time, and the more you do it, the more you’ll feel the energy in your body shifting. And the better  you feel, the better life gets. because that means you’re now expecting great things for yourself and your life. And that is when they can show up for you!



Let your mind stretch into fun new possibilities.  You can do this by writing at least 5 to 10 things every morning the would have you springing out of bed in the morning. You can start with, wouldn’t it be great if….   . Fill in the blank with things you’ve always wanted to do, things you’d love to learn, relationships you’d love to transform, people you’d love to meet, experiences you’d love to create, and talents and skills you’d love to embody. The idea here is to play, and not dwell on how they will come to be. Right now that’s irrelevant.  Because when you start letting your mind play, you will be exercising a very powerful part of your mind, that may have been underused for a while.
We have to let ourselves see new possibilities first, otherwise they will never have the opportunity to exist in physical form. Many people shoot down the ideas that they are perfectly capable of creating, by wondering how they can bring them into existence, or they talk themselves out of what they’d really love to experience. So no “hows” yet, just focus on what would light you up!   
Every evening take a few moments and acknowledge and write down what you appreciated about your day. How many things can you come up with? Can you add a few more every evening? What went well? What did you like, love or appreciate? Get specific, write down what you appreciated, and why you liked it.
This is a very powerful practice, because it trains us to notice when things are actually working for us. And if we can see what’s actually working on our behalf, we’ll start to expect more good things in our lives! The more good you expect, the more you receive!
In our culture we are often trained to look for “what’s not working”.  And guess what type of experience that creates?  But when you have an intentional practice of acknowledging what you  appreciate, your mind will begin to see more of the beauty of life, and the gifts that are there for you to experience and enjoy!
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