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Soul Joy

Greetings Meghan,

Welcome to your private 2019 Soul Journey Reading Page. Here you will find your session recording and a snapshot of your reading/cards .

Remember always who you truly are…a powerful creator, a Spiritual Being playing in the sandbox of time and space.  You’ve lived many lifetimes and came into this life experience to explore, learn and experience joy as you expand and evolve!   And so, the aspects of your earthly experience, be they emotions, conditions, or things will always reflect back to you the result of something deeper, a choice.  For you are a powerful creator and have freedom and dominion over your experiences, as well as the ability to experience GREAT JOY at any moment. Choose to live through the eyes of your Soul, and you will be amazed by what emerges.

You get to be here and you are powerful!

Your adventure continues, enjoy…

 Your Session Recording

audio_listenINSTRUCTIONS: RIGHT-CLICK on the Download Link and choose “Save Link or File As” to save the file to your computer. You may also LEFT-CLICK the download link to save the audio or images files to your device/Smartphone/iPad. To listen from this page, press play on the audio player.

Date: 01/09/2019

Length: 1 Hour 52 Minutes


Your Reading


What’s Next?

  1. Save your audio and image to your personal library so you have them. This page will be up for 30 days, so the best practice is to download your files while you’re thinking about it.
  2. Write down your key take-aways. Consider how you want to apply these powerful insights. What impact will applying them have on you and your life?
  3.  You may want to listen to the recording within the next two weeks. You’ll hear in a deeper way, and gain additional insights as well. *
  4. If you have questions or want to learn more about applying what you are learning here: Contact Me Here.

*As you listen, be with and feel the meaning of both the words and the energy. There is a highly creative intelligence within, and all around you. Be present to it, relish it, and you will witness a deeper form of love and understanding emerging, one that goes beyond the traditional definitions of the human experience.

Thank you for inviting me to join you on your journey, it is truly an honor.

 And in the spirit of adventure that called you forth … let yourself play full-out in the sandbox of time and space!

Walk in beauty, 


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