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Greetings Linda!

Welcome to your Soul Journey page. Here you will find your anchoring meditation and your Soul Vision Statement ! 

We covered a lot in your session, and  you received some very special messages including your Soul Archetype and a Divine Map to help you on your journey, to guide you in a powerful way of being as y
ou …

explore the world … interact with others… make choices …  and as you allow your heartfelt dreams and desires to flourish with grace and ease!

True mastery emerge for you, when you start to see yourself as a Master, as a powerful spiritual being, with the ability to create any life experience you truly desire! Using your personal archetype allows you to live from that divine space of love, compassion, and Peaceful Determination… the steadiness and confidence that you truly desire, in the world, but not of it

So in the spirit of adventure that called you forth … let yourself play full-out in the sandbox of time and space! 

Walk in beauty, 


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A Message from Your Guides

Divine Linda,

We have known you by many names, and have been with you through many experiences and adventures. We are delighted that you are embracing the beauty and strength of who you truly are. And this we want to say to you. When in human form, it is helpful to remember always, that your true reality resides within, and comes through you.  Everything outside oneself is a reflection back to you, of what you are seeing as true or possible. You are an eternal explorer, and a powerful creator, and life is your canvas. You choose… you create, you expect…you create, you see…you create.

One way to master life’s energies in a way that is natural and powerful for you, at a souSunflower Let Yourself Shinel level,  is through your “Spiritual Archetype”. It is like a map for experiencing life as you truly desire. Your place of power, your North Star is seeing yourself beyond the physical senses and beyond the world of effects and conditions. Your North Star is knowing who you are, identifying with and seeing yourself as a powerful spiritual being! That is the True You! Yet remember this, being a Peaceful Warrior, does not mean that you fight against anything, or are motivated by trying to prove one’s worthiness. For you are already magnificent, already powerful, already that which you seek! Rather your joy is found in standing for something, from the vantage point of your Soul. Declare what is important and valuable to you. Claim that as your value system, your preferred way of doing life, while allowing others to do the same. Stand for what you truly desire. Stand for your heartfelt desires by believing in them!  Yesterday you put a stake in the ground and said;  I will live my life as a powerful spiritual being.  Now use your gifts of determination, compassionate individualism, connectedness, loyalty to your cause, and the absolute tranquility and knowledge that all is truly well. A Peaceful Warrior believes in her abilities and her right to be as she is, regardless of external appearances, or what others may believe. A peaceful warrior creates with determination, confidence and ease.

You are powerful, enjoy!


 Your Soul Vision Statement

A Divine Compass

I  AM an eternal explorer, a powerful creator, divine and beautiful, living life fully as Linda.

I live my life powerfully as a Peaceful Warrior, and I am clear about what I am here to discover and do.

For the purpose of life is joy, and what lights me up is: 

  • Living from Steadiness and Peace (Detached from Drama/Stories) 
  • Creating with Clear, Purpose-Driven Priorities    
  • and Focusing on what I truly desire (tune out distractions)!

What I now create for myself and my life comes from this peaceful and powerful place … as the Peaceful Warrior. 

It’s so fun and easy now.

And so it is!  


1) ** Use your Soul Vision Statement everyday until it becomes part of you** Write it down in your own handwriting, as you absorb the meaning, the consciousness and the energy behind the words! Read it, and be with it in the morning, and again in the evening prior to sleeping, be with the power and possibility of what you are reading, and absorb it for a few minutes. Get present to who you are. See yourself living from this way of being. It is now yours! 

From this vantage point your vibration, what you expect, your  actions, and what you attract will naturally expand, in alignment with your joy. And as you go about your day, feel yourself living from that space. 

2) We’ll connect again in your next appointment, but should you feel the inspiration or desire to connect sooner just let me know.  

3) Use your anchoring meditation as you are inspired. It will help you continue to anchor and expand your new way of seeing and living from your true self. Every other day is a good place to start, but tune in and follow your intuition. 


Your joy is to be fully Self-expressed as the beautifulmagnificent and powerful you! 

Your Anchoring Meditation 8/25/2015

Length: 11:19


INSTRUCTIONS: RIGHT CLICK on the Download Link and choose “Save Link As” to save the file to your computer. To listen from this page, press play on the audio player.

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