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Greetings Lesly,

Welcome to your private Soul Journey Page. Here you will find your session recording.

You are … a powerful creator, a powerful Spiritual Being, who is playing in the sandbox of time and space.  You came into this physical adventure to explore, learn and experience joy ..  as you expand and evolve!   And so, the aspects of your earthly experience, be they emotions, conditions, or things …  will always reflect back to you the result of something deeper, a choice.  You have the freedom and the ability to experience whatever you desire, in any moment. You are that powerful!

Your adventure continues, enjoy…

 Your Session Recording(s)

audio_listenINSTRUCTIONS: From a computer, RIGHT CLICK on the Download Link and choose “Save Link or File As” to save the file to your computer. You may also LEFT CLICK the download link to save the audio files to your device. To listen from this page, press play on the audio player.

Date: July 26, 2017

Length: 1 Hour 34 Minutes


You do not have to struggle through circumstances, or habits you don’t like. You just have to be willing to see a better possibility… so it can come into being. You can believe, or love anything into existence, including fun and ease!

Walk in beauty, 


Elari Onawa P: 757.373.1408


P.S. Please bookmark this page so you can come back to it easily. Your recording(s) will be available throughout your 16-week program.  I recommend downloading the audio file to your device if you want to keep a copy.





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