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Greetings Laurie!

Welcome to your private Page. Here you will find your session recording and the picture of the cards that came up for you in your reading.

You are so much more than you can see with your physical eyes. Who you truly are … a powerful creator, a Free Spiritual Being. You’ve lived thousands of lifetimes. You can soar like an eagle from a higher, broader vantage-point. And you can also immerse yourself in the pleasures of being in a physical body. You came into this lifetime to explore, learn and experience joy as you ventured forth! And so, the physical aspects of your experience, be they emotions, conditions, or what has manifested before you… are always a result of something deeper, a choice.  You have freedom and dominion over your experiences, as well as the ability to experience whatever you desire at any moment.  Claim your gifts and you will broaden your ability to use them!

Your adventure continues … enjoy!

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Your Session Recording

Date: June 11, 2019

Length: 1 Hour 33 Minutes


A Soul Message For Laurie: 

Beautiful Laurie, 

We will use the term we, in this message, because we want you to realize that there are many aspects of YOU. We come together as your Soul.  We are far from singular, and far greater than the sum of lifetimes lived. So, we will use the term we to convey the magnitude of your deeper, broader, wiser spiritual essence. There are so many fulfilling opportunities unfolding for you and it’s time for you to enjoy the process of being and becoming on a deeper level. You are loved for who you are now, who you have been, and who you will become. Life is a state of being and becoming and our love for you, who you experience yourself to be in physical form … is literally never-ending. The LOVE and support for you never cease, and this means it is always available for you to feel! Revel in this love because it is for you. In fact, the world literally revolves around YOU! The world responds to you, and is created through YOU! So, when you enter into partnerships, of any kind, do so from this higher level of knowledge and deserve-ability. What does the creator of a world deserve?  What does the creator of your life experience want to bask in … and feel … and experience on a deeper level? You are magnificent and you deserve the absolute best. Nurture yourself in this way. Know that allowing yourself to consciously choose the best, and then giving that to yourself is the ultimate act of LOVE. When you honor yourself in this way, you also honor Soul, Great Spirit, Life.  You are loved!

Recommended Next Steps:

  1. Download and listen to your session recordings. It’s especially helpful if you create a powerful intention before listening to hear and fully understand what is of most benefit to you now. Take notes and notice what jumps out for you. Ask yourself how you could use this in your life and journal about that.
  2. Ask your Higher Self; what would be the best possible way for me to move forward next? How can I live with greater purpose and fulfillment? Write down what comes to you. Then decide what you’ll do to benefit from these powerful insights!
  3. Look out for the weekly email I send on Saturdays, and schedule time to review and be with the messages.  These weekly videos, articles,  and powerful reminders serve as consciousness-expanding teachings to help you on your journey. If you don’t already subscribe, you can do so for free. It’s another way I provide support and it’s available to you here. 
  4. Bring your insights and questions to your next session and we’ll delve deeper to help you connect with what you’ve discovered and what you want to create out of knowing what you now know! Yay!
  5. If you have any questions, feel free to email me using my client only email*

Thank you for inviting me to join you on your journey, it is truly an honor.  And in the spirit of adventure that called you forth … let yourself play in the sandbox of time and space!

Much Love,  


Elari Onawa P: 757.373.1408

*I respond to emails M-F within 24 hours, and often on the same day.

P.S. ** Your recordings will be available for 45 days. *** Please download the audio files, so you have a personal copy if you want to save it.

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