Jeanne’s Reading Feb 2019

Soul Joy

Greetings Jeanne!

Welcome to your private Page. Here you will find your session recordings and the pictures of the cards that came up for you in your reading.

You are so much more than you can see with your physical eyes. Who you truly are … a powerful creator, a Free Spiritual Being. You’ve lived thousands of lifetimes. You can soar like an eagle from a higher, broader vantage-point. And you can also immerse yourself in the pleasures of being in a physical body. You came into this lifetime to explore, learn and experience joy as you ventured forth! And so, the physical aspects of your experience, be they emotions, conditions, or what has manifested before you… are always a result of something deeper, a choice.  You have freedom and dominion over your experiences, as well as the ability to experience whatever you desire in any moment.  Claim your gifts and you will broaden your ability to use them!

Your adventure continues … enjoy!

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Your Session Recording

Date: February 14, 2019

Length: 58:26


Your Cards

Thank you for inviting me to join you on your journey, it is truly an honor.  And in the spirit of adventure that called you forth … let yourself play in the sandbox of time and space!

Walk in beauty, 


Elari Onawa P: 757.373.1408

P.S. ** Your recordings will be available for 30 days. *** Please download the audio files, so you have a personal copy if you want to save it.

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