Yay Kim, here are your session files from your Level 2 Program! 

Please download your recordings within 4 days and save them to your device. That way you’ll have a copy to use anytime you want to reconnect with what you discovered in your session. 

Much Love, 


Your Recording From Your 5.28 Session 

Your Transformation Process For Helping Others Be Free From Taking Things Personally



Your Recordings From Your 4.28 Session

1.Download Introductions

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: Right-Click on the Download Links and choose “Save Link or File As”  or “Download Linked File” to save the file to your computer. Tapping the download link allows you to save the audio file to your smartphone or tablet. Your audio files will be saved according to the settings on your device, and where it stores your audio files. If you need device-specific guidance, a quick search on Google or Youtube for How to download audio files to my [insert the name of your device] will give you quick easy-to-follow instructions for your particular device. Enjoy!

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