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Greetings Alicia,

Welcome to your private Soul Journey Page. Here you will find your session recording, and soul vision statement brought forward just for you.

You are so much more than you can know with your physical senses. Remember always who you truly are…a powerful creator, a Spiritual Being playing in the sandbox of time and space.  You’ve lived thousands of lifetimes and came into this lifetime to explore, learn and experience joy as you expand and evolve!   And so, the aspects of your earthly experience, be they emotions, conditions, or things will always reflect back to you the result of something deeper, a choice.  For you are a powerful creator and have  freedom and dominion over your experiences, as well as the ability to experience GREAT JOY in any moment. Choose to live through the eyes of your Soul, and you will be amazed by what emerges.

You get to be here and you are powerful!

Your adventure continues , enjoy…

 Your Session Recordings from Your Life and Soul Purpose Reading

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Date: July 21, 201

Length: 1 Hour 52 Minutes


Your Soul Vision Statement and Practice

“I   Alicia  am a powerful creator, divine and beautiful! I know who I truly am,  an eternal Spiritual Being. And what lights me up is living an amazing life! I am here to play and learn and expand, and in this lifetime it is my desire to experience:

▪  joyful prosperity

▪ as the head and heart dance together.

And so it is!


Your Soul Archetype and Purpose

Your soul purpose is the essence of who you are, over many lifetimes. When you understand and then see yourself from who you truly are, your concept of what is possible and how you experience life expands dramatically.

Are you ready to claim more of your divine potential?

If so, you must be willing to see yourself as bigger than you’ve been seeing yourself. When you get who you truly are – life becomes fun, and filled with wonder and joy!  What once felt difficult becomes easy. What once felt confusing becomes clear. There is a deep abiding sense that all is truly well and unfolding in divine perfection. And so it is!

Your soul essence/ARCHETYPE is that of  a

Bright Shining Star, a Blessing to the World

At your core, you are a force of great power, elegance and purity. You are sensuous and enthusiastic. You are deeply passionate  and revel in your  divine power to create. Free of the confines of social conditioning, you know that rapture and delight are holy, as are the feelings of joy and ecstasy. You can be both elegantly feminine –  magnetic, and masculine – electric. Like a sinewy lioness or an elegant crane, you have equal regard for both the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine qualities that make life possible. You see beauty in both, and do not regard one more important than the other. This is a rare and beautiful trait. You radiate the qualities of inspiration, patience, receptivity, harmony and openness.

You are at your best when

you are following pure joy.

As you go about your daily activities,  joy and beauty are always present. Can you feel them? As you are called toward something beautiful or exciting, do you follow it joyfully, or do you acquiesce to the mental chatter that dampens your passion?

What would open up for you if you allowed yourself to honor your joy?

Your Life Purpose:

is to express and feel joy. You are here to play, learn and experience life to the fullest! You also came to experience motherhood and the delights of being in physical form. You have developed a lot of skills in generating prosperity over many lifetimes. However, you are no longer willing to suffer  in order to get it. You are lining up with peaceful and joyous prosperity in this lifetime and this requires Trust in yourself and Trust in the inherent goodness of the creative intelligence that flows through you and all around you.

You are here to learn: Joyous prosperity. This requires grounding yourself in joyous Self-discipline. This is not the stern critical type of discipline, but one of a joyous commitment to knowing what you want and allowing yourself to have it. You are deepening your mastery of allowing over pushing to get your desires, and again that requires Trust .

Your trust will deepen as you realize that it is not only good to be proud of yourself and your accomplishments, it is a necessary component for a happy and fulfilling life.

You are here to contribute: being your Self, experiencing your soul qualities and radiating your light and joy as brightly as you can.

Skills and Ways of Being to Claim:

  • Divine use of head and heart. The power and beauty that emerges when the head and heart dance together.
  • Trust/Believe in your Self and your Life!
  • The sacred power of Play!

There is no one right way to do life, merely preferences. All paths can ultimately lead you home, to the center,  to who you truly are. 

You are learning and growing moment-by-moment as you observe yourself and life.  You are  an explorer divine and beautiful. The whole world benefits and evolves from you being here, just as you get to delight in being here.

What is needed for a smooth and happy journey is a deeper awareness of who you truly are. You want to live from your Higher Self, the Mighty Me rather than the limited, fear-based aspects of Mini-me. When you embrace who you truly are, you open up channels of heightened guidance and qualities that are not available to you if you live from limited-based consciousness.

Allow yourself to see that you are far more than you can see with your physical eyes. Allow more of yourself to naturally rise to the surface and you will expereince more joy, ease. love, playfulness, certainty, aliveness …..

You have an entire universe within you, let it be revealed.

Your Rule of Right Action: In times of stress or confusion recall this North Star. 

It Can Be Fun and Easy!

You do not have to struggle through work, circumstances, or habits you don’t like. You just have to be willing to see a better possibility…so it can come into being.

Do: Know that you can believe anything into existence, including fun and ease! Ask yourself—how can I have more fun, more ease? Embrace that!

What’s Next?

▪Use Your Soul Vision Statement.

Write your Soul Vision statement in a journal or index card in your own writing. As you write, consider what the words mean to you, and the possibilities that open up for you.

Review your Soul Vision Statement in the morning and in the evening right before going to bed for a period of forty days. Breathe deeply as you read it, letting the uplifting vibration wash over you, and vibrate from you. If you are drawn to speak it aloud, do so. Be with the words.

You will get the most from this experience if you keep a journal of your experiences. Every evening, note what’s opening up for you and transforming for you. What do you now see?  Consider  situations in your life and how you feel about yourself or others as you are writing. Coming from who you truly are, how do you now see these situations, yourself or others?

You may also want to make a note of what questions are forming. We can cover these in your next session.

When we next meet , we will explore your experiences, and deepen your understanding and integration of this expanded new way of seeing yourself and your life.

You are powerful and you are now claiming that on a whole new level, congratulations!

▪ You may also want to schedule a time to listen to the recordings of your session. Notice if something jumps out at you, creates a buzzing in your ear, or a tingling or physical sensation in your body. These are often signs from your spirit guides to pause and  take notice, there is something for you to see at this time.  If you have questions, and you most likely will, we can explore them in your next session, or feel free to send me an email.

As you listen, be with and feel the meaning of both the words and the energy. There is a highly creative intelligence within, and all around you. Be present to it, relish it, and you will witness a deeper form of love emerging, one that goes beyond the traditional definitions of the human experience.

Thank you for inviting me to join you on your journey, it is truly an honor.  And in the spirit of adventure that called you forth … let yourself play full-out in the sandbox of time and space!

Walk in beauty, 


Elari Onawa P: 757.373.1408

P.S. Please bookmark this page so you can come back to it easily. ** Your recordings will be available for 90 days. *** Please download the audio files, so you have a personal copy.

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