The Magic of Love! A Powerful Workshop in Virginia Beach

Are you giving your power away? Time to reclaim it!

To all those who have felt frustrated or worried when they didn’t get the results they really wanted! Here’s your opportunity to reclaim your power! Anytime we use something external to ourselves, as a means of defining who we are, we give our power away. We are making ourselves dependent on external circumstances… in order to…

coaching and training to align with what really matters to you!

Fear Not … Seriously!

How would you like to have a powerful way of seeing fear, so you’d never be stopped by it again? Great; let’s start by looking at what’s really going on, when we feel that “oh no.. not that” feeling in the pit of our stomachs!  If we misinterpret the emotion of fear, and follow it,…

A Book Coming to Life

Believe: The book

I’m very excited about my next book, it’s all about the power of belief!  I’m excited because I’ve felt the effects in my own life, and what’s coming to me as I write, is so eye-opening and liberating! So much could be said here, but let me share this with you.  When you believe in…

The Sacred Tree

How I Came to Know The Sacred Tree

The Sacred Tree is a place where I go to ponder about life and the nature of reality. I have been working with a group of Guides I call  The Council of Eight for many years now.  Along with the council of these Spirit Guides, I enter and peruse a vast library of knowledge about…

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