Moving Beyond Burnout to Bliss

dealing with burnoutDeeply rooted in the soil of  Mother Earth, a  tree draws its nourishment from the minerals and the moisture that’s beneath the surface. Like that majestic tree, we nourish our souls from what is beneath the surface —  by slowing down, going within, exploring, and getting to know who we truly are. We lose the joy of being alive, the gifts of being here, through “busyness”, and the counterproductive quest for perfection. For far too many, the need to prove oneself drives them toward a  never-ending pursuit for more.  This creates a lot of unnecessary strife in people, and in our societies.

Living from a need of always wanting more, rather than appreciating what we already have, keeps us in a perpetual state of longing … of never enough, never having enough and never being enough. If we never, or rarely allow ourselves to feel satisfied, we’ll create and live in a world that feels like there is always something missing. Can you relate to this?

 Yet when you pause to see who you truly are, and what you already have — you realize there is actually nothing missing. You have all that you need right here and now. You are actually already amazing, and already more than enough. You can appreciate what you already have, as you also appreciate what is in the process of becoming. You can embrace your heartfelt dreams and desires.  You are a creator, so you will naturally be called to create. But, if you’re like most people in “this culture of more”,  it’s the how and the why that needs to be examined.

Transforming your why and how opens the door to true happiness and fulfillment.

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If you’re experiencing patterns of burnout and striving, what may be needed is a radical shift in how you see yourself, and your world. 
 Anytime you’re struggling, you’re pushing against something, and making your journey unnecessarily hard. If you have an area that feels hard, slow down and look at what you’re fighting against. Pushing against it can’t bring you ease, nor will it bring the success your soul truly desires.

See what you really want and what’s already working, rather than fighting against what seems to be wrong.

When you live from who you truly are —  you choose and create with clarity, confidence, and ease. You feel the exhilaration as you reach for the stars, and deep, nourishing satisfaction, for your life right now, as it is.

Consider for a moment, all of the things in your life that you may be taking for granted. Yet if they were to disappear, you’d find yourself
very uncomfortable.  Most who read this message,  live in comfortable, climate-controlled dwellings, and havecause of burnout
plenty of food to eat, and clean water to drink. And although many people live from the illusion that they don’t “have enough time”, we actually have far more freedom and time than our ancestors did.  We don’t need to hunt for our food. We can buy it from a wide variety of markets and restaurants. Our garbage is collected, and clean water flows into our homes. Life-enriching conveniences often go unnoticed and unappreciated in a culture of always striving for more. The beauty of a bird singing outside a window, the sun as it glistens off the water, children laughing, the vastness of space, or the quiet connection of walking down a tree-lined path …  these wonders are missed in “busyness”.

This your invitation to see more of the wonder,  and the already awesome in yourself, and in the everyday!

Because when you embrace your true nature, your divine perfection, you come alive! The feeling of discontent, and having to strive for more disappears. You live from joy.

Give yourself a moment to consider:

What do you want to believe about yourself and your life today?

Do you want to come from a place of plenty, or one that is lacking?

Will you choose to focus more on the gifts of life or what needs to be fixed?

Where you come from is where you will end up!

Yours in ease and grace!


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