Beyond the Need for Physical Proof

As I watch the universe respond to me, I see that it works with absolute precision, giving me what I expect. And as I grow in this understanding, I realize that I have a choice. I can raise my consciousness and my belief in what’s possible, or I can surrender to “Mini Me”conversations. These are the internal monologues that come from being overly dependent on five-sensory evidence.

In other words, if we’re only willing to believe that something is possible, when there’s physical proof of its existence, we will miss some very powerful experiences. Without developing our spiritual senses, or our nonphysical attributes and skills, we’ll miss how precious, and powerful we truly are. We’ll also miss the awe and wonder that comes from accepting the infinite nature of our abilities.

Until we claim and then live from who we truly are-we can’t have peace, freedom or the stability that so many people crave today. Why; because stability, peace and freedom cannot be found from something that is impermanent, or outside ourselves. And that’s what we are attempting to do, when we expect qualities such as confidence, stability, freedom, or peace to come from external accomplishments, or from other people. awesomebooksmweb
 These ways of being will be fleeting as best, if we need external validation, in order to have them. We must start with being willing to believe in ourselves, and our abilities, before there’s physical proof. Believing is seeing.  

I get that this isn’t always easy. After all, most of us have been trained to depend almost entirely on the physical senses. And that reinforces the illusion that the only thing that’s real is what we can currently see in physical form. This has created a reality for many that over-emphasizes the power of doing and completely misses the power of who they are being. It’s also at the root of why so many people believe that life is hard, and explains why so many people experience burnout and a sense of separation. Yet this too is part of the soul’s evolution. In moments of struggle, we are being invited to explore and embrace the qualities from which we create our lives. These are the true building blocks of matter. One building block is belief. There are many more, but I’ll focus there because that’s the foundation from which all others stem.

If we are to be free to create anything new, we must be ready to embrace our nonphysical senses in an uncommon way.

Those who stand out from the crowd know this. Think about Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Oprah Winfrey, Myrtle and Charles Fillmore, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Esther Hicks, or all those who’ve experienced alternative healing, placebo effects, “miraculous financial windfalls”, or “unexpected remissions”. There are many! And they all turned away from the need for physical evidence as they were aligning with what they wanted, or as they were expressing their talents and gifts. They embraced belief in themselves, and in what they were creating, whether they recognized it, or not. So they were able to excel, heal, and tap into something greater, despite their current circumstances.

I see it every day. Even my rescue cat Cleo is living proof of our “unseen gifts”. She made a full and quick recovery a couple of years ago, after being run over by a car. She suffered two broken legs, three broken ribs, and a dislocated hip. I’m happy to say that she’s climbing trees, jumping and physically healthy and fit. And that’s without any traditional intervention, but rather through the energy of spiritual healing that my partner Alex and I did for her. I’m not suggesting that you shun other assistance or methodologies. What I’m pointing out is that there is another dimension that few people ever tap. And it’s time to change that. Because the struggles that are produced from an over-reliance on our physical senses is actually what creates instability, fear, feeling trapped, overdoing, and scarcity.

You can start by asking yourself, am I willing to believe in the existence of, or the reliability of something, without absolute proof that I’m right in doing so?   If your answer is yes, you’re on your way. You’ve taken the first step into a new realm of possibilities for yourself, and your life!

Be willing to believe that something is possible, without the need for physical evidence. This is where you’ll find ease and grace!

There’s more to come, as we explore our adventures together in the sandbox of time and space.

Much Love,


Elari Onawa

Are you ready to go deeper into your nonphysical abilities?

arrow1Here’s how to do that if you live in or near Virginia Beach or if you’re in another area .  Many blessings!

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