So Much Better Than A Security Blanket:

The 1 Essential Ingredient For Breaking Through Resistance And Fear

As You Enter New Territory

In this week’s message,  you’ll discover something that allows you to create whatever you want, regardless of fear, present conditions or other people’s opinions. You’ll discover the one ingredient you must develop if you want to get bigger and better results. I’ll also tell you how to get more support if that’s calling you.

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Time To Discover Something Amazing About Yourself:  How About Now? 

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Hi, I’m Elari Onawa, I’ve been a Life On Purpose Coach since 2003. That’s when I took the leap from 20+ years of successful corporate leadership positions to helping people discover more purpose, passion and their powerful selves. I’m also the author of “Just Believe How Faith In Yourself Shifts Everything!” Welcome to this week’s message for living your version of awesome, welcome to…

So Much Better Than A Security Blanket

The 1 Essential Ingredient For Breaking Through Resistance & Fear As You Enter New Territory

I’ve led a lot of programs over the past 15 years about creating more of what you want, living on purpose, going to the next level in your definition of success, expressing more of your gifts and potential and of course the power of believing in yourself.

And in all of those programs, there’s always a point where we co-create a breakthrough and real transformation happens. This is such an exciting time because, with that transformation, something new now becomes possible that wasn’t going to happen moments prior to that breakthrough. And at the moment, you light up. Maybe for you, there’s a smile that starts out small and then slowly gets brighter until it erupts into an aha moment that shifts something powerful for you.

Have you ever had that happen?

Often people feel relief and joy when they transcend something that previously stopped them from having what they really wanted. This too is good. Because that feeling of relief and elation that comes from a growth in consciousness is a natural result of expansion and becoming more than you were just a few moments ago. It comes because on the other side of that before the breakthrough happens there’s some form of resistance present that slows us down or makes us want to second guess ourselves or procrastinate.

There’s a strong point I want to make about that and it’s this.

Those feelings of resistance are normal.

Sometimes in our life journey we become so good at collecting information and observing our current circumstances, or maybe we experience a disappointment and then we forget how amazing we already are. And we experience doubt or fear of the unknown and want to stay in our comfort zones. This is something everyone deals with, at some point, from Ceos of large corporations to new moms and dads, people who are launching a new business, people looking for a new relationship, starting a new job and even when people retire. I realize that many people assume will be easy. It’s actually a big life transition which can also produce feelings of anxiety and fear.

So, what does this mean? It means that you are perfectly normal if you’ve ever doubted yourself or your abilities. It also means that we should feel okay about openly talking about it. A lack of confidence and having doubts are not character flaws. You are not broken you are evolving. You are being called to be an even more awesome version of yourself.

But if you add self-judgment, now you have a bigger challenge because you can’t get where you want to go unless you allow yourself to evolve. And you can’t evolve if you’re making yourself wrong by judging yourself.

So let’s recap what we’ve learned so far.

1. It’s normal to feel fear when you are entering new territory. This doesn’t mean you are broken. You are evolving.

2. If you are judging yourself, stop it. There’s nothing wrong with you. In fact, you are Awesome with a capital A.

3. You’re being called to evolve and have fun. The question is, are you answering the call?

So let’s look at another layer.

You will naturally be called to create something bigger, better, more fulfilling, more fun or different in some way …

because you, at your core, are infinite potential.

This means anything is possible for you. This also means that you are wired to express that potential!

If you have a desire and don’t let yourself go there, that doesn’t work either, because you are wired to explore and grow and evolve. So, ignoring your heartfelt dreams and desires because of fear, uncertainty or because it feels uncomfortable will lead to stagnation, boredom, frustration, and unhappiness. This doesn’t feel good, because it’s running counter to who you truly are.

Life is meant to be fun and you were born to thrive and grow.

When we were young, we might have had a security blanket to deal with life’s scary moments. As adults, we have them too. self-confidence coach

For adults, security blankets show up as rationalizing … as in telling ourselves something like; I didn’t really want that anyway. Have you ever done that? I know I have! Another security blanket is busyness. Which makes sense doesn’t it? If we’re too busy, we don’t have to deal with the fear or the doubt. We’re too busy! There’s also procrastination and a lot of other ways we use to avoid feeling uncomfortable as we enter new territory.

However, the problem is still there. And the problem is not that we feel fear or uncertainty or doubt when we are creating something new. That’s okay, it’s normal from our human perspective to feel that.

The problem is created if we don’t allow ourselves to grow and have what we want. It’s how we deal with the discomfort that really matters.

Do we use it to grow into more of who we are … or do we use it to hide?

Give yourself something that’s far better than a security blanket.

Give yourself something that allows you to grow with grace and ease and have fun as you create new life experiences.

That something is unstoppable confidence that comes from the power of knowing who you are. That’s what makes you unstoppable in any situation and that’s what allows you to be fully self-expressed as the awesome being you are.

A security blanket is nice to hold and it feels cozy and warm for a while. But that’s only temporary and the downside to a security blanket is that it’s too easy to hide under them which changes nothing.

You have the ability to be unstoppable and confident in any situation.

And I’m on a mission to help people quickly develop the skill of unstoppable confidence so more people can experience the joy of being more fully alive and Self expressed.

The solution to feeling fear, discomfort, uncertainty, feeling stuck etc. etc is developing the skills that make you unstoppable.

You are evolving and you were born to thrive. You were born to play full out in the sandbox of time and space and to have fun as you create bigger, better life experiences.

Here’s how to get more help.

For those of you that want more, if you are ready for bigger and better results, if you’re ready for more ease and want to play in a more fulfilling way, then I invite you to get by book Just Believe: How Faith In Yourself Shifts Everything! 

Be sure to claim your book bonuses too! Believing in yourself in a bigger way shifts everything. Being unstoppable and confident is a life skill that you can learn.
Saying yes to mastering that skill means you are up to something that matters to you. It means you are embracing your life and your potential in a bigger more liberating way. It means you are saying yes to what you want and who you truly are.

And if it’s calling you, I encourage you to take acton!

Your heartfelt dreams and goals are worth it, the impact you want to make is worth it and being unstoppable is the way to create more of what you want to experience in your daily life.

Here’s to unstoppable confidence!

Much Love,


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