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What is the 1 Ingredient you Must Embrace

& Cultivate if you Want to:

Have Unstoppable Confidence

Grow Quickly and Easily,

and …

 Align with your heartfelt dreams and desires …

in the most graceful and natural way imaginable ? 



The answer is found in 1 commitment you must make to yourself, and your life, if you want to get your message out into the world … like only you can! 

And until you do, no amount of effort, secret formula, teacher or philosophy will work, at least, for very long.

There is 1 missing ingredient that accounts for most of the struggle, peaks and valleys, and inconsistencies that pop up for people in their work, relationships and in their businesses.

Have you ever felt frustrated because you discovered something powerful, or had a huge insight … but then struggled to implement it in your daily life?

swinging back and forthIf so, you know what it’s like to be caught in the perpetual pendulum effect, of going back and forth between your awakened, enthusiastic self, and the self who doubts and forgets how powerful she truly is!

Would you be interested in learning about this essential ingredient, if you knew it would:

1. Allow you to be unstoppable in creating what really matters to you
2. Eliminate the peaks and valleys that keep you from building bigger results over time
3. Align with your heartfelt dreams and desires in the most graceful and natural way imaginable


Elari OnawaMy lifelong journey is all about understanding authentic Self-expression, from the depths of our true powerful nature, so that we can experience life, as we truly desire it to be… and present to the sacred in the everyday. 

And that has led me to some very interesting places, and to the work that I do, as a life coach, author, and program leader. These places have taught me a lot about what works, and what doesn’t. And I’ve learned that whatever it is you want to create in your life next, it can probably be a lot easier and a lot more fun, than what you might expect or are currently experiencing! 

So getting to that 1 ingredient. This simple, unshakable way of being is the fuel behind the book I’m currently writing, and a powerful program that’s coming to Virginia Beach, in less than 2 weeks.

And that is…

Believe! How Faith in Your Self Shifts Everything!

You have probably heard something before about the power of believing in yourself, but how present is it in your life?

If you truly believe in yourself, would you be stopped by excuses, self-doubt or fears of any kind?

The answer is no.

When we truly believe in ourselves anything and everything is possible!

The question to answer then is how ….

how do we embrace and embody that depth of Self-love … so it is so strong and unshakable, that we live our lives fully expressed, from the Soul, creating with the type of


Joy …

… and authenticity

that is inherently within us?


You can be at the leading edge of this powerful new wave of Self-Belief. It is the next step in our spiritual evolution … to love one-self enough, that we let go of the stories that say that we are anything less than powerful.

And it is in Self-Belief that you come to truly know ourselves, and touch the Sacred within and all around you!

My work is dedicated to all those who are ready for true grace and inspiration to enter their lives in a very real way.

In this interactive 1-day Program, I will guide you into a powerful inquiry, so you can:

Checkmark6  Feel what it’s like to be unstoppable in creating what really matters to you
Checkmark6 Eliminate the peaks and valleys that keep you from building bigger results over time
Checkmark6 Align with your heartfelt dreams and desires, in the most graceful and natural way imaginable


Truly Believing in yourself and your life is at the foundation of everything.

It is where your magic resides.

It is for this reason that I am committed to this work and to building a powerful community of people on “the growing edge”…those that are ready to have more ease and grace in their life, as they create more impact and love in the world.

happypeoplecollageIs this you? And are You ready to come out and play fully?

Believe! How Faith in Your Self Shifts Everything!


WHEN: Friday Jan 17, 2014 (10 AM to 4 PM)

WHERE: 4010 Lake Ridge Circle Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Reg. $145

YOUR HOLIDAY GIFT & Book Launch Pricing …  ONLY $97 ! (SAVE $48)

Register Now!

Space is limited, Register Early

AND HERE’S A BONUS FOR YOU TOO: You get a free 60-minute group coaching phone session to help you integrate what you learn.  Come with your questions and find out more about staying squarely centered in this POWERFUL NEW BELIEF IN YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU’RE CREATING NEXT FOR YOUR LIFE!  When: Wed. Jan 22nd (7 to 8 PM). And the call will be recorded, so you can listen any time!

Many Blessings!





Elari Onawa

PH: 757.373.1408

P.S. I’m offering this very special program in the cozy and transforming space of my living room. So if this is calling you, register now before it sells out. This is a very powerful circle coming together, ACT NOW to reserve your place of Love, Power and Grace.

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