Believe: The book

I’m very excited about my next book, it’s all about the power of belief!  I’m excited because I’ve felt the effects in my own life, and what’s coming to me as I write, is so eye-opening and liberating! So much could be said here, but let me share this with you.

 When you believe in who you truly are, anything is possible, regardless of your past, or how you feel about your current circumstances. When you believe in yourself and your life, your experience of yourself, those around you, and life, in general, will expand in ways that are almost indescribable.

Conditions shift quickly, and what you truly want falls into place.  It feels like magic. I heard this from Elf Judy in the movie, The Santa Clause last  December, and I was touched by its Higher Truth. When I heard it, my whole body lit up like a Christmas tree, which I suppose was appropriate! Here it is. Seeing is not believing. Believing is seeing!  More on that as the journey unfolds!

Walk in Beauty,


UPDATE: You can now get it here!

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