Believe: How Faith In Yourself Shifts Everything!

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As someone who is attending one of my programs, I have a special thank you offering for you.

On Saturday, March 22, 2014 I’m inviting a group of powerful women to come together to create a graceful shift in their ability to produce more of the experiences they truly want in life. 


Would you like to join us?


If so, you will:

1. Discover Unstoppable Confidence in yourself, and your heartfelt desires 

2. See How to Create True Balance in Your Life, Doing What You Love


3.  Learn how to align with what you truly want in the most graceful and natural way imaginable!

4. Leave with a powerful plan to help you stay focused on what you’re creating next!

This empowering program is based on my forthcoming book … 




Believe! How Faith in Your Self Shifts Everything!

WHEN: Saturday March  22, 2014 (9 AM to 4:30 PM)

WHERE:  4010 Lake Ridge Circle Virginia Beach, VA 23452

And because you’ve attended one of my programs, I’m giving you a very special client only thank you discount. You can register for just $97 (you save $48)


 If we keep doing what we’ve always done, we keep producing the same results. Which is why this is one of those, make-the-time moments.

Grab a friend and let’s see what we can create together! 

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Walk in Beauty! 


P.S. I’m offering this very special program in the uplifting space of my living room because I love the inviting space, and the conversations that open up inside a home. So, just a heads up.     

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About Elari

Elari OnawaMy lifelong journey is all about understanding true Self-expression, from the depths of our powerful nature, so that we can experience life, as we truly desire it to be.

And that has led me to some very interesting places, and to the work that I do, as an author, coach and program leader. I’ve learned that whatever it is you want to create in your life next, it can be a lot easier and a lot more fun, than what you might expect, or are currently experiencing!

That 1 ingredient you must embrace to get what you truly want in life, this simple, unshakable way of being is the fuel behind the book I’m currently writing, and a powerful program; “Believe! How Faith in Your Self Shifts Everything!

You have probably heard something before about the power of believing in yourself, but how present is it in your life? If you truly believe in yourself, would you be stopped by excuses, self-doubt or fears of any kind?

The answer is no.

When we truly believe in ourselves anything and everything is possible!

The question to answer then is how. How do we embrace and embody that depth of Self-love, so it is so strong and unshakable, that we live our lives fully expressed, from the Soul, creating with the type of joy and authenticity that is inherently within us?

You can be at the leading edge of this powerful conversation. It is the next step in our spiritual evolution to love one-self enough, that we let go of the stories that say that we are anything less than amazing!

And it is in Self-Belief that you come to truly know ourselves, and touch the Sacred within and all around you!

Truly Believing in yourself and your life is at the foundation of everything. It is where your freedom and joy reside.

It is for this reason that I am committed to this work and to building a powerful community of people “on the growing edge” … messengers who are ready to have more ease and grace in their life, as they create more impact and love in the world.

Many Blessings!





Elari Onawa

PH: 757.373.1408

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