Belief, As a Skill?

As I continue to expand my understanding of belief…my use of it, as well as the impact…I’ve come to see belief as a skill we cultivate, rather than some fixed way of seeing the world. I used to have this misguided notion of belief, as if it was something I already understood. And I can see now that assumption was actually the source of a lot of unnecessary struggle.

Have you ever thought to yourself; I already know this, only to discover later that you really didn’t? Often we breeze by the most powerful Truths, in an effort to collect more information, without realizing that we’ve already been given the answer. But we can only “get” that answer, if we slow down enough to explore these powerful Truths, in a deeper way. So it is, with the principles and Truths related to belief. Consider “it is done unto you, as you believe”…or “seeing is believing”…and/or…” believing is seeing”, depending on your particular point-of-view.

When we slow down enough to go deeper, we open a beautiful doorway, into the experience of ease and grace! What I’m speaking of, is getting the difference between knowing “about” something, and really knowing it…as in you know it so well, you’ve mastered it. This deeper knowing means being able to explain it, and more importantly, applying it, so that it has the impact in your life, that you truly desire. We can even go beyond that level of understanding, to the level of mastery, which is being used by something. This is when we know it so well, that we no longer have to remember to use it, or think about the process behind it. The skill becomes part of who we are!

Until that happens, we only know “about” it.


So why does this matter?

Because belief is at the foundation of everything we are and do. We live inside and from our beliefs. So they determine our experience of everything…our relationships, finances, our first kiss, how we relate to ourselves… and whether we’re predominately happy and hopeful, or sad and anxious.

Beliefs determine what we will, or will not do, what we attract into our lives, and what we’re able to create. They also impact whether we learn quickly and easily, or have to struggle up a mountain, like a conquering hero!

Yet, we’re all in this, together! We’re all souls on a journey, learning how to master the use of consciousness.

you_invitation_rszYet very few people see the scope or depth that belief plays in their life. Nor do they get to the point, where they realize it’s a skill! You, however, are open to mastery, or you wouldn’t be reading this! I’ve been fascinated by human consciousness, for as long as I can remember. I’m thankful for that, yet that curiosity doesn’t get me off the hook. It’s still up to me, just as it’s up to you! We have to go deeper, and use what we’re learning, in order to be powerful creators and expressions of our highest and truest Selves!

In my book “Just Believe: How Faith in Yourself Shifts Everything” there are many empowering distinctions I offer about belief, and most importantly, how to use it to your highest advantage!

Belief as I use it is:

1. to accept something as true, genuine, or real

2. to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, without absolute proof that one is right in doing so

3. To have a firm conviction as to the goodness, efficacy, or ability of something or someone.

And going beyond that:

4. To love, or nurture something into existence!

What do you see for yourself as you explore these definitions? How have your concepts of belief empowered you, or limited you?

As I traced back the roots of the word belief, I discovered that there’s actually a word “lief”. It means gladly, willingly, dear, beloved, and treasured. So one dimension of be-lief, as I see it, is to exist in love. When we commit to a deeper understanding of belief, that is…existing in love, and being willing to accept something as true, genuine, or real, sometimes without absolute proof, that we’re right in doing so…we step powerfully into a new, creative dimension. This dimension knows nothing of lack or limitation. We’ve claimed our birthright, and are opening up to creative mastery, and being Self-realized!

We’re opening ourselves up to be free from the opinions of others, and being in love with ourselves, and our lives. When we truly believe in ourselves, we have nothing to prove. We free ourselves from patterns of burnout and the illusion that the answer is found in changing outer circumstances.

Everything is an inside game, and we all have the ability to peacefully play, as we grow into our true desires. But first, we have to slow down, in order to see what’s really there for us to get. We have to see belief as a skill, that we can master!
Anything can exist, as you desire it to be. Come ride along with me, as we tour the sandbox of time and space! I invite you to do so, with a sense of lightness, and a willingness to trust that you are far more powerful than you might be allowing yourself to see.

So what does mastery look like to you? Leave your comments below. Share what you see for yourself, and what you want to take on.

What would light you up?

Much Love,

Elari Onawa

Your tour guide to awesome!

P. S. If you’re ready to take this conversation to the next level, I have an amazing 4-week Program “Just Believe: Claiming the Awesome, Naturally Confident YOU” coming up in Virginia Beach. Check it out Here

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