Creating a Beautiful Relationship with Time

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Perception creates reality, including our experience of time. It’s a created relationship, one that can serve us really well, or not so much. So how do you adjust your relationship with time? Let’s where you currently are … and then expand your concept of what’s possible!

Here are two examples of how you may experience time.

The Scarcity Model

not enough time coachingIf you’ve ever used a vantage-point that leans toward “not enough time” or “there are never enough hours in the day” you’ve experienced some variation of scarcity, stress, anxiety or fear. If this paradigm is cultivated long enough, it can cause physical reactions, such as a racing heart, high blood pressure, or shortness of breath.

If the scarcity of time is an accepted personal truth, you may even push yourself to work faster and harder. Mistakes are more likely to happen, and a world of “ have tos” is created … instead of the liberating joy of “I get tos”. And something else interesting happens from this vantage-point. We’ll actually create distractions to fill up the time, so we don’t get to do what we want to do. Why? Because we live from our paradigms.

Our minds will only look for and find evidence that matches what we believe is true.

The context that we don’t have enough time will always create — Not Enough Time.

So, let’s take a deep breath and let that one go. Let’s explore the other end of the spectrum.

The Infinity Model

The idea of “there’s all the time in the world” creates a reality too. In this case, the relationship is laid back, and it can also have unintended infinitetimeside-effects. With practice, it can produce boredom, low energy levels, and even depression. This is especially likely if we love the sense of accomplishment, but never get around to producing something of personal value … because we have “all the time in the world.”

The second scenario can feel better temporarily, but it’s missing an important aspect in the equation of time on earth.
Without definitions or boundaries, we can meander from one idea to the next, without accomplishing anything that’s personally fulfilling. With an infinite supply of time, we can settle into thinking that there’s always tomorrow, and so avoid choices that open doors to greater aliveness and fulfillment. And here’s something to consider —

if we place no value on time, do we devalue our life on earth?


Both relationships are extremes in the continuum of experiencing time. Yet, the greatest gift of time is that it encourages you to make conscious choices about how you really want to spend it. That is a true gift because, with a need to choose, comes clarity about who you are, and what you truly value.

Time can be a powerful tool, if we see it as a tool, and understand how to use it to our advantage!

You can move forward with a thoughtful, graceful and balanced approach. You can use time to deepen your Self-awareness,  just as you can experience the feeling of timelessness when you desire that. You can appreciate that time enables you to meet up with others. You can also marvel at its organizational qualities and structure, without getting lost in them.

So, how do you want to relate to and experience time?

slideshowwakeupdreamsHere are some possibilities to get you started:

1. Time isn’t the point, happiness is. If the way I’m using time makes me happy, I continue to do that. If not, I refine it until it works for me!

2. Time is an easygoing friend that helps me focus with greater clarity.

3. I am choosing to master time as a tool to evolve, simplify and organize. I see myself using time for my highest benefit.

4. I purposefully play every day. This reminds me to be intentional and light.

Try on one of these perspectives and make it your own, or come up with something else that feels powerful to you. Then use your new mantra to create the reality you desire.

Have an idea or comment? Let me know!

Much Love,


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