what to do when you argue, feel defensive or are effected by the opinions of others

Creating Clarity Inside Relationships

It's about creating beautiful relationships! so what gives you the freedom to be fully Self-expressed in your most important relationships? How do you move past taking things personally or feeling angry or defensive if someone makes you…
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Play More, Work Less

If something feels hard, it doesn't have to stay that way! In this week’s training video, you'll discover the gift you can give yourself in any moment that will transform work into play and hard into easy. As you follow…
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Mastering Life’s Energies

Why You Feel The Way You Do & So Much More ...  In this week’s message, you’ll deepen your understanding of the source of your emotions and how to step more fully into your power. You’ll learn…
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how to be your best self

Make Room For YOU:

How To Let More of Your Inner Brilliance Shine Through In this week’s message, you’ll learn about living from your wise, always count-on-able, peaceful inner being. This is so important because when we know who we truly…
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How To Create Good Luck!

In this message, you’ll discover the most important ingredient for having amazing luck and attracting good fortune to you in a fun and consistent way! You'll also expand your feelings of prosperity and amp up your frequency, so you can attract even…
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Who Do You Most Want To Be?

In this week’s message, you’ll discover two powerful questions that help you claim more of your inner power. When you tap into your true potential, you can show up confidently when creating the relationships you really want, creating extraordinary business growth…
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Your Most Important Soul Connection

In this week’s message, you’ll discover which soul connection gives you the greatest opportunities for growth and fulfillment and why that matters to you. You'll also discover the powerful reason and opportunity within the unprecedented levels of information,…
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So Much Better Than A Security Blanket:

The 1 Essential Ingredient For Breaking Through Resistance And Fear As You Enter New Territory In this week’s message,  you’ll discover something that allows you to create whatever you want, regardless of fear, present conditions or other…
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