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Just Believe! Elari Onawa


Claiming the Awesome, Naturally Confident You! Group Page

Monday Evenings

April 06, 13, 20 & 27 2015 (7 PM to 9 PM)


Elari OnawaWelcome to the  “Just Believe: Claiming the Awesome, Naturally Confident You!” Group Page! You’ll find the recordings and practices for each of the four sessions on this page, along with some  additional resources . Feel free to download the recordings or listen to them here. As with all copy-written materials they are for your private use only.

I’m so glad you joined this powerful program, and welcome to one of the most empowering journeys you could ever take. This journey takes you to the heart of what makes life worth living… believing in (loving) yourself without limits or conditions. We are powerful spiritual beings capable of extraordinary faith, and awe-inspiring creative abilities. When we say YES to that, we wake up  from the deep slumber and illusion that there is something about ourselves that needs to be fixed. This I say to you with absolute conviction; nothing could be further from the Truth! You are not broken, you are Evolving! And as an Eternal Being you are wired to grow and to explore as you Play in the Sandbox of Time and Space! Which means  You are already perfect and powerful beyond measure! You need no one’s approval nor do you need validation of any kind. For you, and you alone, are the creator of your life experiences.  Claim that! Embrace that, and nothing will ever be the same! You are magnificent, claim it!    

Use the Declaration of Independence!

As we’ll be using the “Declaration of Independence” Practice throughout the 4 Sessions, I’m including it here for you. Be certain you rewrite this in your own handwriting and as you do, breathe in the words, consider them, and embrace their deeper meaning. Place an index card next to your bed, and carry another declaration with you during the next 30 days. To see more about using “Your Declaration of Independence” see page 20 in the book. Also refer to the “Magic in the Mirror Method” and “The Mini-Power Meditation Method on pages 48-51 for two powerful ways to help you accelerate the anchoring of your Unconditional Self Love and Confidence!

You are amazing, born to experience all of the beauty that is inside you. It’s time to claim your awesomeness! This is where you’ll find the freedom to be unshakable!

 orange_arrowYour Declaration of Independence

” I ______________ believe in myself and my life. I am now the source of my own approval. I love and appreciate myself, my abilities, and my heartfelt dreams and desires right here and now! And so it is!


Share the love!

Confidentiality Group Agreement

It is an honor to hold the space for each other’s Self-Discovery and Expansion. This group is a safe haven for people to share about themselves, and their life experiences. When you share, everyone in the group benefits. So please listen to one another with a clear mind, and  unconditional listening and support . We are all Souls on a Journey mastering life’s energies, and it is in relationships that we learn the most!  To be clear,  what others share inside the group, is not to be shared with anyone, unless the person who shared the information, has given you explicit permission to do so. If you have any questions about this Group Agreement, please contact me  right away. Thanks you for being YOU!


Much Love, 




Audio Download Instructions:

From your computer, RIGHT CLICK on the DOWNLOAD link and choose “Save Target As” or “Save Link As”. Save the file to your computer. If you prefer, you can also listen directly from your device by clicking on the play button for each recording. Enjoy!

BulletOrangeSession I Monday April  6, 2015


Length: 11:36


Writing Exercise: Exploring Your Heartfelt Dreams and Desires

Length: 11:09


Sharing What You Want to Create


Manifesting on a Whole New Level & Challenging Old Paradigms

Length: 59:56


 *** Look at your notes. What does believing in yourself feel and look like for you? What results does it produce? How does that differ from choosing the left column? What are you going to commit to right here and now! HINT: USE YOUR DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE!  ***

believe or not?


Closing and This Week’s Practice

Length: 13:52


This Week’s Practice:  

1. Use your Declaration of Independence every morning and evening. Speak it out load and say the words. Feel it and consider it. See page 20 of the book if you’d like more guidance and information.

2. Create an affirmative belief to embody the essence of  what you desire. You’ll say that aloud after your Declaration of Independence in the morning, and then again in the evening. Bring that with next week!


If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend getting my book :Just Believe How Faith in Yourself Shifts Everything!” and reading it as we go though the rest of the program. It is available on Amazon Here.


Next Week:  You’ll learn some methods  for anchoring powerful new beliefs. We will also discuss core beliefs and why they are so important . We will take your belief muscles to a whole new level!


BulletGreen2Session II Monday  April 13, 2015

Welcome and Your Experiences

Length: 37:18


Diving into the Declaration of Independence

What does believing in yourself look like? How does someone who believes in their life see the world and themselves?

Why is it so important to be the source of your own approval?

Are you committed to loving and appreciating yourself, your abilities and your heartfelt dreams and desires? The answer determines the results you produce and how you feel!

Length: 32:11


Meditation …Then and Now!

Length: 29:39



What You Experienced and Closing

Length: 34:09


New Week’s Practice

1. Breathe deeply and relax . Use your Declaration of Independence every morning and evening. Speak it out load and listen to the sound of your fabulous voice! Say and feel the words. Allow them to uplift you and expand your vantage point! Sweet!

2. Use your affirmative declaration to embody the essence of what you desire. I recommend saying it aloud, after your Declaration of Independence in the morning, and again in the evening. Take a few moments, smile, and see it done! Remember you are be-lieving or loving your heartfelt desire into existence. So, enjoy the ride! This isn’t a “have-to” but a “want-to”! Why? Because you’re expanding your concept of what’s possible, so you can have…what you say you want!

3. Read chapter 3 Belief Living in Love (p. 45-58 in the book) and chapter 6 Play, Magic and Powerful Choices (p. 92-112 in the book). Do the “Masterful Creator” exercise at the end of chapter 6! Yay!

Let these practices expand your belief of what is possible, and in the direction you truly desire! Notice how your energy is shifting, and how you’re now seeing yourself and the world differently!

Next Week: I have a very special demonstration for you that you won’t want to miss! In the meantime, let these practices work on your behalf. Why? Because you are so worth it!

Have an awesome week!



Session III Monday April  20, 2015

Greetings and here’s to your awesomeness!

We had a very powerful conversation and demonstration about the powerful of our beliefs in this session! Our core beliefs are what we think about ourselves, and what we think about life or the world. Every other thought stems from the core beliefs!

Now that you are committed to believing in yourself, you are committed to believing in yourself…no matter what! You’re believing in your heartfelt dreams and desires.. no matter what! JUST BELIEVE! There’s nothing you have to earn, and there are no spiritual brownie points you need to acquire “in order to” have what you want! You are already AMAZING… if this were not true, you would not be here right now! Consider all of the souls who are waiting to have a physical body! Yet here you are! You are ALREADY WORTHY or you would not be here in physical form! Consider that.

Believe in yourself as a Masterful Creator, rather than someone who’s “not there yet” …  and you will be masterful! See yourself as masterful, and practice being masterful! Let go of any notions that you are a victim of the past, or that life happens to you. It happens through you, and this is a very good thing indeed! This means you have complete freedom, and you have domain over your own life! What an amazing gift this is…receive and celebrate that! Celebrate how amazing you already are!

Welcome and the Masterful Creator Exercise and What’s Showing Up from Your Reading

Length: 38:21


The Teacup Demonstration – The Power of Belief

Get this and you have the keys to your kingdom!

Length: 29:15


 Core Belief Writing Exercise

Length: 2:42


 Sharing What We Just Created

Length: 31:07


This Week’s Practice



  1. Continue with the Declaration of Independence Morning and Evening Practice! As you do, you are claiming your commitment to yourself and your life! This is very powerful! You are claiming and owning your inherent worthiness!
  2. Look again at the core belief exercise we did tonight. This is the writing exercise we did that started with…I am now choosing to see myself as. I now see life or the world as .. etc. After reviewing what you wrote down answer the following questions.  If you were going to choose an archetype and one adjective to describe your awesome Self… What would it be? DOWNLOAD THE ARCHETYPE EXERCISE & EXAMPLES HERE (If you’re using a pc, Right Click and choose “save Target or File as”. If you are on a mobile devise you can open this attachment by clicking on it and view in in your pdf viewer, or save it to Kindle or IBooks. ) These are all ways of doing life… and ways of seeing yourself as a masterful creator.  When you see yourself as that, you will create from that space.  Seeing yourself as powerful, seeing yourself as masterful ….really owning that …. this is what makes you unshakable!
  3. Complete the Short Exercise on page 130 about your heartfelt dreams and desires. This is a continuation of the writing exercise you completed in this session.
  4. Read chapter 7 The You within Your Desires and chapter 8 Creating What You Truly Desire 



Session IV Monday April  27, 2015

 Welcome and Seeing Ourselves as a Powerful Creator, a Soul Archetype

Length: 1:08



Your Goal from Your Masterful Creator Soul Archetype

Length: 4:35


Guided Meditation

Length: 19:02


Using what You Got!

Length: 34:01



1. Continue to use your Declaration of Independence until you are used by it.
2. Use your Highest-Self Archetype. Mentally rehearse using the different situations that come up in your day, or in programs you watch…until it becomes your naturally state of being. Add the Highest-Self Archetype Declaration included in this email with your Declaration of Independence in the morning and evening. Notice how your vantage-point expands, and your  energy shifts!
3. Use the Choose, Be, Do Method as you start new projects, create new goals, or when you want to anchor a powerful new belief. You are choosing from your Highest Self now!
4. Above all, have FUN as you play in the sandbox of time and space!

If you have any questions, let me know. I am here to help you celebrate your awesomeness!
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