An Apple, A Squirrel And Being Free From Unwanted Patterns

In last week’s email we talked about connecting with what really matters to you in the message Soul Wealthy.

Knowing what you really want to give your days to is a fundamental building block for a fun and purposeful life, one in which you are fully expressed as the beautiful and powerful individual you are.

But sometimes, as we explore, we take a bite into something and discover that it isn’t what we expected or really wanted. You can see by this picture here that can happen to squirrels too! This look like an apple, doesn’t it? Turns out, as one squirrel discovered this morning, when he plucked it from a wreath in our backyard … it’s actually styrofoam. But, unlike many of his two-legged fellow-travelers, the squirrel moved on quickly to other treasures that tasted much better!

If we want to easily create more of what we really want in life, then we want to also see what prevents us from expanding what is wanted, what keeps us stuck in unwanted conditions.

How do you automatically respond to an unwanted conditionHow you react determines whether you move into clarity, or perpetuate what’s not wanted. If you jump to a conclusion with an absolute statement (i.e. I’ll never let that happen again, or I can’t trust/count on etc.) then you’ll miss something really powerful, and create something you’re going to have to clean up later.

Every experience helps us clarify and learn about our unique abilities and preferences.

Here’s a powerful process to discover more about your preferences, and what you can do to transform unwanted patterns.

1. Using a journal or notebook describe a recent unwanted condition. Write about what happened including how you responded or reacted. Record how you felt about the unwanted experience.

2. What were your initial reactions to the experience? Did you tighten up? Make yourself wrong? Draw a reactive conclusion? Judge or blame yourself or another? Zone out? Get frustrated? Concerned? Or was your automatic response curiosity, humor, eagerness, or something else? Write down what you see.

HINT: Just see what is without judging yourself. As a soul in a human body, you have probably experienced a wide variety of responses. I have too! What you’re looking for is the pattern you tend to automatically use in reaction, or response to unwanted conditions. Seeing what is, without judgement, opens the door to clarity, wisdom and choosing from a clear space.

3. Is that way of seeing the world what you want to create and perpetuate? If no, then it’s worth your time to look at how you reacted, so you can have a powerful way of seeing unwanted events.

HINT: A negative reaction comes from an assumption we make about how life “should” work. This reaction actually keeps us stuck in a pattern that perpetuates the very thing we do not want.

4. To see why you have that pattern, ask why did I react or respond that way? What am I making that event/those events mean?

5. What is a better way to see these types of conditions; one that allows me to grow and be powerful?

6. What do I need to release in order to have that powerful way-of-being?

7. Now, close your eyes and see yourself responding to that condition in the new desired way. Rehearse it until you feel a positive shift in your energy.8. Now, to reduce the possibility of biting into unpleasant tasting fruit; like our squirrel-friend; write down the positive skills and gems you’ve gleaned from this experience. What else is working out well for you? 

And so it is!

Much Love,



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