You Are Already Perfect

There are so many things that have been written that teach us how to get somewhere, or how to attain a state of externally-validated “perfection”, as if there are parts of us that are missing, or not quite enough in some way.

“If only we can have this or that”, we may say, “then I will be enough”, or “ then all will be as it should be” … then “I can relax” etc. etc. etc.

At the foundation of these assumptions is the illusion that we need to be different, have something more, or be somewhere else, in order to feel better. These assumptions take us on journeys to nowhere, always searching, yet never finding, until someday we realize — that the answers, the peace, and the bliss that we are seeking are not “out there”, nor are they dependent on external conditions.

If we want the peace and the bliss that the mystics speak of, then we must also see that the consciousness of “getting there” and the “in order tos” are actually what creates the delay in our desired well-being.

Stay with me, as this will come together in a beautiful way. If we believe that we have to complete a process or be better than we currently are in order to feel peace, bliss or good enough … then that will be true, because we say it’s true. Because it is done unto us as we believe, in this case, we’re broadcasting to the Universe, to spiritual law, that something has to happen before we can feel differently. We’ve placed a condition that must now be met, in order to feel peaceful, happy or that we’re enough, for example.

Are you delaying your desired good somewhere, because of the assumptions you’re making about how to have it?
I know I have, and chances are you have too. In fact, if you’re in human attire, you have a goal or a dream that has not yet come to be, or something that may be taking longer than you’d like.

But is this a bad thing? The answer is no. Yet-to-be-realized goals are actually good things! Because unmet dreams and desires, mean that you are creating something new. Awesome, yay! Why is this so good? Because you are a spiritual being, and a powerful creator … so you will always be creating something. That’s where the juice is! So, creating is meant to be good and rewarding, no matter what stage you’re at.

The illusion is that the gap will someday disappear, that “having it all done” is perfection.

Not so, because there will also be all of the wonderful experiences, ways-of-being and things you’ve already created, and there will always be something that has yet to manifest. Sweet!

As an eternal creator, there will always be something you want to create. So, you will always have things to celebrate now, and there’s always more good coming, unless you make it or yourself wrong! There is nothing wrong. You are not broken, you are creating and evolving! Isn’t that good to know? All is truly well! All is truly perfect now!

You can feel peace, bliss or amazing now, and now and now!

Do not delay your happiness because you’re creating something else… that IS the trap. You are always creating something, and that is good. You can feel any way you want to feel now … unless you tell yourself that you can’t ( or until something else happens).

So, grab your cup of coffee or tea and

1. Think of a heartfelt dream or desire that you’ve love, love love to experience, something that hasn’t yet materialized.
2. What assumptions, if any, have you made about how to have that? Are you creating a “how to” that is delaying your happiness or having it?
3. If so, let them go, put those assumptions in the past, using empowering language. For example, “I used to think that I had to ______, and now I’m choosing to be happy/blissful etc now. Now, I’m choosing to let ____ easily come and I’m celebrating _____.”
4. Feel it done until you feel an upward shift in your energy, and then go play!

Be thrilled with “what is”, because there’s so much to love and appreciate, as you eagerly anticipate what’s becoming! All is well!

Here’s to you and your awesome creations!

Much love,


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