Acknowledge Your Gifts, Acknowledge Your Power!

As I was getting ready for this week’s message I received this strong nudge to talk about the healing and liberating power of healthy self-acknowledgment.  In this week’s message, you’ll discover why this is essential to your happiness and ability to shine your light in bigger and brighter ways.  You’ll also learn about the key differences between your skills, ways-of-being and your natural gifts. Let’s jump in!

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Acknowledge Your Gifts

Acknowledge Your Power!

Hi, my name is Elari Onawa. I’ve been a Life On Purpose Coach since 2003 and I’m also the author of “Just Believe: How Faith In Yourself Shifts Everything

As I was getting ready for this week’s message I received this strong nudge to talk about the healing and liberating power of self-acknowledgment.

you are amazingAcknowledgment, in the way I’m using it, means accepting and owning aspects of yourself that you do really well, *or would like to do well*. These aspects can be skills, ways-of-being or natural gifts.

Skills are things you’ve learned how to do, like the ability to design a website, cooking Italian cuisine, or knowing how to fly an airplane. These are all examples of skills! Ways-of-being are attributes or qualities that describe how you show up. So, things, like being playful, having a can-do attitude, being forward-thinking, or having an adventurous personality, are all examples of ways-of-being. When you think about ways-of-being what often comes to mind are personality traits, your demeanor, or attitudes, or how you conduct yourself.

Gifts, on the other hand, are abilities that come naturally to you. In some cases, you didn’t have to learn them. They are so inherently part of who you are, that it’s easy to overlook or discount them. You may even think that; “everyone can do it”, although that’s never the case. It just seems that way, because it’s one of your gifts! And if you do choose to enhance your gifts with additional training, it comes easily to you. So, examples of gifts are things like being highly intuitive, knowing what to say to someone to facilitate healing, athleticism, or having an aptitude for math or music. It’s a natural capacity that you were born with. It’s a beautiful gift.

Here’s why acknowledging these aspects of yourself is so important. If you don’t cultivate healthy pride in yourself and in your abilities … you will always feel like you’re falling short in some way. If you’re not looking for your precious attributes … you will never find them, have full access to them, or be able to share them powerfully. And your ability to own and share your unique combination of abilities is where you find true fulfillment.

When you choose to acknowledge and be proud of these powerful aspects of yourself, your confidence grows, and with that, your desire to share your gifts with others! Self-acknowledgement is not boastful or egotistical. It’s an essential ingredient for a fulfilling life!

It’s unfortunate that so many people are taught that it’s not “nice” to be proud of yourself. I’m here to tell you that it’s actually healthy, and it’s good for you and for those you interact with too! There’s nothing noble about playing small. The best way to honor yourself and your higher power is to be proud of who you are.

It’s good to be proud of, happy about, and even delighted by your gifts, your ways-of-being and the skills you’ve learned.

The question is … why wouldn’t we want to be?

To feel whole and complete means acknowledging the beauty and goodness that’s already within you.

What would open up for you if you were to own your gifts, skills and powerful ways-of-being in a bigger way?

Wouldn’t it be possible to thrive doing what you love?

Wouldn’t you also be able to have a greater impact?

Making yourself smaller when someone is threatened by your light, serves no one, especially not you.

So, this week I’m inviting you to give yourself the power of self-acknowledgment, of seeing through a clear lens.

Here’s how:

  1. Sit down with a journal and write down as many of your skills, ways-of-being, and gifts that you can think of. See if you can list at least twenty.
  2. Then look over what you’ve written. Notice which aspects make you feel proud.
  3. And if there’s anything you’ve been dismissing or judging … see if you can find the gift. I guarantee you there’s something there!

Be proud of who you are now and as you continue to grow. You have so much to be proud of! And you deserve all the best that life has to offer. Claim that for yourself today!

Much Love,


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