About Elari & Alex


Alex is a Transformational Coach and Energy Healer with a thriving practice. He’s helped hundreds of people experience powerful shifts in their lives. It happens daily when people visit Shift Central (what Alex affectionately calls our work space)!

Elari  is a SoulLife Purpose Coach, Author, and Program Leader. I work with people who are ready to experience more of Life’s Beauty & Magic! My mission is to help you align with what truly matters to you, in a playful and powerful way … the Soul Way!

We are dedicated to cultivating a world of higher consciousness, greater possibilities, and joy! Our programs are designed to be empowering and fun. We’ve personally experienced Big Shifts and Soul Growth, especially in the areas of personal fulfillment, and authentic joy. Success, for us is about being the best expression of our Self that we can possibly be. And that means appreciating the wonder and magic of life, all of it!

Everything has a higher purpose and you are a gift to the world!


We look forward to meeting you!

Elari and Alex

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