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Elari OnawaHi, I’m Elari Onawa,  Soul-Life Purpose Coach, Liberator of “Stuckness”, Empress of Clarity and Aliveness, and Admirer of Earth Bling!

Did I mention Coffee Connoisseur, Author of Just Believe: How Faith in Yourself Shifts Everything! and friend to people, cats, dogs, and ducks?

I work with all those who’re ready to live with more purpose and fun! My published works have been endorsed by many best selling authors including: Brian Tracy, John Assaraf, Hal Urban, and Gail Evans.

I am so happy you’ve stopped by, welcome!

My work is dedicated to all those who are ready to experience the magic and miracle of who they truly are, and to create a life of  purpose and joy! It is my belief that anything is possible when we embrace who we truly are. We are eternal spiritual beings, so we are always called to grow and evolve. Yet far too much focus is created today on fixing things which are not really broken. We are called to evolve, but we are not broken! In order to live a life of full Soul-expression, you must connect with the dreams and goals that really light you up!

As you leave behind the five-sensory limitations of self-doubt, and struggle, and connect with your true fuel source, life begins to flow in the way that you desire it to be… with greater clarity, grace and ease!

Before starting my first company in 2003, and my subsequent spiritual “wake up call”, I led business teams in executive leadership positions. I lived in the world of technology, consulting, retail, and publishing for over 20 years after graduating from college in the early eighties.

My spiritual wake-up call came shortly after staring my first company. I woke up from a sound sleep with a very abrupt tap and energy jolt to the neck. It brought me quickly upright. And there at the foot of my bed stood a Native American man in native dress. Despite the startling jolt, I didn’t believe what I was seeing. My mind grasped for a logical answer; I must be dreaming I thought. So I looked at my visitor and said; “you’re not real”.   Read More …

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