A Clock, a Seagull and a Gift that’s Lasted a Lifetime

sand in your toesAs I look at the people that gather in the early morning on the beach, I smile.  I see neighbors talking, dogs chasing balls, and surfers floating in the ocean, basking in the sun,  waiting for the perfect wave. There are people laughing and smiling … connecting in groups, and there are others, who are choosing a quiet morning of reflection, meditating on the sand, or doing yoga as they salute the early morning sun.

I love the beach, for these and many other reasons. I chose this as my home after too many long winters in the Midwest. There too, I could appreciate the beauty of the snow falling, and the ice sculpturing its way around a tree branch. But then enough was enough for me. Here in Virginia Beach, we have a change of seasons, yet the winters are gentler, and more in line with my love for flip flops. I wear them as long as possible until my feet get too cold to wear them outside. My career has shifted since coming here too. Gone are the tailored suits, and classic pumps. I traded those in back in 2003, when I started my business. Now I wear denim crop pants, bright colors, fun jewelry, what I call earth bling … and of course, beautiful, oh-so-comfortable flip flops …  when I’m not barefoot, that is.

I guess you could say that my wardrobe matches the fun and relaxing lifestyle I’ve created. I remember walking with a friend on the beach one morning, years ago. I had recently moved to the beach, after a brief detour through Philadelphia and she had moved here after many years in Rochester, New York. I remember saying; “wow, we live here”. I also said that I would never let this get old, that I would appreciate it, each and every day. Well, I can’t say that has been true every day, but I can say that I have felt that way, more often, than not.

How to discover your purpose Virginia Beah
How to find your purposeI created the lifestyle my soul was calling me toward, many years ago; I just didn’t know it at the time.

I remember standing in a Spencer gift store in the early eighties, looking at a clock with a seagull flying above the ocean. It reminded me of Jonathon Livingston Seagull, although I hadn’t read the book. I used to go into that shop to look at that clock, sometimes two or three times a week. There was something special about it. I even remember that it was thirty-five dollars. But in 1981, that was a lot of money for me. I was a single mom, working full-time, putting myself through college and supporting my daughter, as a full-time student. I had everything budgeted down to the penny. So, I just enjoyed going in the shop, to look at the clock during an occasional break. I can see now that I was connecting with something deeper.

What I was being shown was the importance of seeing from a higher perspective. When we rise up, we can see great distances and enjoy a clear, unobstructed view. When we catch a current and let it take us where we want to go, we thrive … not because we’re going somewhere, but because we’re living in harmony with our true nature. This means, we are accepting wellbeing, and ease as our natural way of being. So, we see the beauty that’s within, and all around us, from this higher vantage point. When we live from this higher place, we also see that we can use time with grace and ease, or we can be used by it if we believe that time is our master.  What fitting messages, all from appreciating a clock with a seagull on it!

Wherever you are, there is beauty, and love, because you are there!  Wherever you are, there is a higher perspective and greater ease. Sometimes though, we have to look for it a little more. Yet it’s worth looking for it because when we do, life works!

Life works from a higher perspective, from beauty and ease.

As far as that clock goes, my friend, Joan bought it for me as a surprise Christmas gift, all the way back, in 1981. I was so thrilled, it was going to hang in my home! That clock traveled with me, and my daughter, with cats and dogs and an ex-husband, make that two.  It traveled with me for eighteen years, and seven houses. It was my reminder to see whatever was in front of me, from a higher perspective. It was a reminder to allow my sacred dreams to fly,  as I explored new places, and grew and evolved. It was a reminder to catch Great Spirit’s current, to flow with wellbeing and ease. What a gift!

I gave that clock to someone in 1999, right before moving to Virginia Beach. It was time to pass it on, to someone who could appreciate the view, the reminders, and the love that clock represented.

Thank you, Joan, for that precious gift. And to all who read this, it is my sincere desire that you allow your sacred dreams to fly, and experience the beauty that is within, and all around you!

We can expand wellbeing, ease, and Higher Perspective … by nurturing uplifting possibilities in our daily lives … by appreciating and loving more!

Much Love,


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