8 Powerful Ways To Expand Your Sense of Awe and Wonder

Take a moment and look around you. What brings a smile to your face, or a feeling of reverence and awe? Sit with that for a few moments and see how you feel. What becomes available to you, from that place of awe and presence?

Joy is all around us, and miracles are everywhere. Use your desire for growth and ease to fuel more presence, and aliveness in your daily life. This naturally gives you access to Spiritual Sight, and Higher Intuitive Abilities that often go unnoticed. We do not have access to these powerful abilities if we are immersed in “busyness” or mired in mental monologues.

Allow your Spirit Guides and Angels to dance before you, supporting you, and reminding you to play in the sandbox of time and space! Smile and enjoy your life!

Here are a few ways to become more attuned to the Magic and Wonder.

1. Practice noticing your internal and external environment, without making it mean anything. Just notice what’s within, and around you, as you breathe deeply.

2. Every time you stand before a mirror, look into your eyes. Do you know that you are looking at one of the greatest miracles ever? Try that on, and see how your vantage point expands. Wow, I _________ am one of the greatest miracles ever! Hmmm…

3. Embrace your imagination as a skill that serves you. Use it to uplift, inspire and create beautiful life experiences. Your mental imagery gives you a preview of coming attractions! So step into your imagination and press play!

4. Smile for no reason. You don’t need one! Your smile releases “feeling great happy juice hormones” into your system. (It’s a snappy new technical term!)

5. Give yourself energy hugs throughout the day. You do this every time you believe in, and love yourself or your life. This is where the magic happens!

6. Take ownership of your beliefs. You can use them as you wish... to uplift and inspire you, or to expand feelings of “I can’t ickiness” (another new technical term). When you take ownership of them, anything becomes possible!justbelieve_trasparentbg

7. Play! Bring in this prosperity-producing energy into every endeavor you can! How can you experience more fun, doing what you’re currently doing? And so on!

8. Embrace your purpose and passion, without the need to have it look a specific way. Allow yourself to be amazed, and let the Universe support you!

Love Your Life and It Will Love You Back!


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