8 Practices for Raising Your Vibration

I am still riding a wave of appreciation from my Shine program and Conversations That Make a Difference programs!  What a delight it is to see my clients creating so masterfully, and living with such purpose.  I love my work!

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Let’s talk about the power of on-point spiritual practices for experiencing more of life’s magic!

flower_of_lifemandalaOne of the most powerful ways to raise your vibration and line up with your heartfelt dreams and desires is to design and use daily practices that help you focus in a more expansive way! Without a framework that you love — one that also supports what you want to create next — it’s not likely that you’ll stay focused on what you want. Why? Because if you don’t do something different, you’ll keep creating what you already have, both wanted and unwanted! As a creator, you will be called to create and evolve — to experience something new, and to stretch into new territory. You are wired for that! That’s what it means to be a creator. So, when you allow yourself to create and evolve, you feel alive, happy and enthusiastic! Designing and using purposeful, on-point practices — can line you up quickly with what you want to explore or play with next!

Practices, in the way I use them, are fun and powerful exercises that help you line up with a heartfelt desire, way-of-being, or life experience. Although they help you gain proficiency in the area of your choosing, they are also great sources of joy!

8 Practices for Raising Your Vibration and Lining Up with Your Dreams:

1. Embrace clarity. Are you ready for some new adventures, and don’t know what that looks like yet, or do you already have a goal in mind? Then invoke clarity, and cultivate it! We create in language, so use empowering language to create a clear vantage point. You may even ask yourself; how do I want to feel? When you embody the desired feeling first, it’s easier for your mental level to see your goal as possible! If you’d like more guidance with declarations and mantras, you can get that here.

2. Create and use good-feeling on-point practices to start and end your day! I call this book-ending! Use practices that help you expand your concept of what is possible, especially as it relates to what you want to experience next in your life. Starting and ending your day visualizing or writing about a positive outcome (on an upward and aligned beat) helps you attract more of what you really want into your daily experiences!

3. Create a “Music for the Mighty You” Playlist.  Music has the power to uplift and transform your way-of-seeing things very quickly. It also impacts your energy and the frequency you are vibrating at. Here’s a small slice of some of my upbeat favorites.

For the…

Playful Me: Hakuna Matata from the Lion King Soundtrack
Expansive Me: It’s a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
Sacred Me: Face of God by Karen Drucker
Active Me: Hawaii 5-0 by the Brian Setzer Orchestra
Fully Self-Expressed Me: I Give Myself Permission by Karen Drucker
Easy-Breezy Me: Happy by Pharrell Williams

insightTo be the powerful creator you are, you must make space to create from who you truly are! You are surrounded by other people’s thoughts, opinions, and desires. Unless you direct your attention to what you want, you may get lost in the assumptions and attitudes of others. Create from a clear and powerful place!

4. Imagine the Best for Yourself! What would be the best possible experience in your desired area of expansion? What’s the most awesome thing that could happen? Hmmm, what would happen if you spent a few minutes imagining that every day?

5. Love it into existence! Appreciate what you already enjoy, as you eagerly anticipate what’s in the process of becoming! Wow, how good can it get? You get to choose!

6. Walk in Beauty. Go out in nature and practice being with the beauty around you. Connect and breathe deeply, observing. Resist the temptation to label anything. Connect and notice. This opens you up to higher receptivity, inspiration, and creates a deeper sense of support and connectedness. And that’s always a good thing! You can also close your eyes,  walk around your home, or wherever you currently are and see what’s beautiful right where you are! You’ll attract more to love and you’ll feel amazing within seconds!

7. Meditate on your breath, or on a single good-feeling word for ten to fifteen minutes in the morning. Breathe deeply and say ahhh! Not only are there physical health benefits here, but you’re also nurturing your mind too, and opening yourself up to a broader reality. Expansion anyone? Peace? 

8. Reflect and Write. Ask yourself; what do I love and appreciate about myself, my life …? Here are some other powerful questions; what can I learn from this? What do I really want to create here? When you stand back from “busyness” and autopilot responses, you find wonderful new opportunities emerging. When you put your thoughts on paper and ask good questions, you create greater clarity and you find freedom!

These are just a few fun and powerful possibilities for creating a powerful on-point practice! All of these practices have the potential of helping you create like a master! What do you want to create? Do you have a practice you love? Share it, or forward this to a friend!

Much Love,


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