Belief Is Existing In Love

In Just Believe: How Faith In Yourself Shifts Everything I explored the roots of the words belief. I kept getting the impulse to go back and look at chapter three. I was being guided that, in addition to embracing belief as … having confidence, in the truth, existence, and reliability of something, without absolute proof that one is right in doing so … belief also meant to exist in love. So, I did some research into the origins and evolution of the word belief. And guess what I found? I discovered that almost every language had some variation of the root lief, from the Old Norse ljutr, to the Dutch lief, to Proto Indo European leubh, just to name a few. At one point, the word be-lief literally meant to exist in love. This means that when we focus our energy and attention on something, we are saying to the universe I love that, give me more of it! We believe or love our experiences into physical form. All the more reason to focus more on what’s working well, what we love, and what we find absolutely beautiful about ourselves and our lives!

So much to love, so much to celebrate!


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