3 Things I’ve Learned In A Deeper Way This Past Year

Every year at this time, I sit down and review the past year and I also take a deep dive into what I want to create in the year ahead. I also have regular time for reflecting built into my days, but I’ve always used the year end to look more deeply into lessons learned, so I can take that wisdom with me as I move forward.

Here are three important lessons I’ve learned in a deeper way this past year.  I hope they have value for you too as you read them.

1) Rather than setting goals based on desired outcomes, look at who you want to be, and how you want to show up in your life.

My Spirit Guides told me many years ago that your heartfelt dreams and desires are the language of your soul, calling you forth to who you truly are. This is one of those teachings that I keep coming back to over and over again … because there’s so much depth and treasure there. You may want to consider this for yourself as well. If your heartfelt dreams call you forth to who you are … then the skills and qualities needed for that goal to come into material form, are already within you. But, you need to see and own them, in order to use them! Another way to say this is … you are what you are seeking, but you don’t yet know it!

So, could your life be even better, if you were to place more importance on that way-of-being that your goals are asking you to recognize? For example, if you have a goal for more money and money represents freedom to you … how could your life improve now … if you were to see that you already are free?

We do not need our goals to manifest in physical form in order to benefit from them. But, we do need to recognize who we are being called to BE, if we want to have them both materially and experientially. We simply can’t have an external outcome (for example, a new relationship, job, more money etc.) that we believe will make us happier, if we don’t first see who we truly are … someone built from joy and love … in other words, happy! We must BE who we are called to be, in order to have what we want, and to be the beautiful “Beings” that we already are.

2) Invest in what matters to you, because what you invest in, you value. And what you value appreciates and grows!

I have always invested in my education. I put myself through college in the early eighties, working full-time, and taking out and paying back student loans when needed, all as a single mother … because I valued what that education would give me … freedom, opportunities and wisdom. I also wanted to be a powerful role model for my daughter, and show her that she could be or do anything she wanted. I knew we were being called to claim our power as women, and to stop treating ourselves as second-class citizens. I know this might anger some of you, or you may think that you don’t make yourself smaller. But the truth is, that most people, both female and male, have adopted habits that make them feel inadequate in some way. Is there a place where you’re not treating yourself very well? If you’re not as happy as you want to be, then there is!

I’ve continued investing in my skills throughout my entire adult life, because I believe that I am worth it. And I believe that my clients are worth it too! You are so worth it! You see, when I grow, I can pass that on to my readers and clients too. I get to make a bigger difference and contribute in a way that helps others lead fulfilling lives, that are worthy of who they are. So, decide what matters to you and invest in it, and go deeper, in whatever way you can right now! Don’t just go for the free stuff, because when you do, you’re telling the universe that you don’t really want it that much. What you invest in … is a demonstration of what you value and want to grow!

3) The most important source of wisdom is within YOU, when you learn how to access it, and use it inside a broader perspective. This is something we are not taught to do in most schools. Instead, we’re taught to go outside ourselves, look for the answers, and memorize someone else’s version of the “truth”.

And worse yet, many people learn that they have to “do it all themselves” or “should already know this”. These options are actually destructive, because they lead to spin cycles and stagnation. When it comes to your happiness, and your ability to thrive and find great solutions, it’s imperative to seek outside counsel, from good sources, those who’ve gone before you … and to learn how to go within as well. As the Greek poet, Hesiod wrote; “That man is best who sees the truth himself. Good too is he who listens to wise counsel. But, he who is neither wise himself, nor willing to ponder wisdom is not worth a straw.” Now, I’m don’t agree with the premise “not worth a straw” as I believe that everyone has value. But I do understand where he was heading with this statement and it’s powerful, when we get it. 

Here’s another possible way to say this. You have access to the wisdom of the ages. But to benefit from it, you do need to learn how to ask the best questions and receive the best answers, give yourself space to reflect, and see your Truth from Higher Perspectives. And learning how to use the wisdom you seek is even more important, if you want to be happier, healthier, wiser and more of a thriver, rather than a survivor. Wisdom, ease and transformation come from having a consistent, repeatable process through which you can easily and consistently learn and grow.  This is when learning and growing becomes “count-on-able” and the source of joy it is meant to be!

It is my sincere wish that you’ve discovered something powerful from reading this. If you’d like to go further in developing your ability to access your best possible answers, check out this powerful online program here.

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Much Love, 


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