3 Quick Steps to Feeling Upbeat and Awesome

sad-egg-happy-egg-with-borderThis message is in response to some questions I recently received from a subscriber.

My question is how do I shift in a downbeat?
Honestly, do you not have down days? How do you deal with them?

These are great questions and to answer them in the best way possible, we need to get present to a couple of things before we can shift easily.

First, everyone feels off-center or down from time-to-time. But the intensity and the ability to shift varies a lot, depending on how we’ve been managing our energy, in other words, our emotional wellbeing.

The second thing we want to embrace, before discussing how to shift is this — what we are choosing to focus upon — determines how we feel. This is a powerful Truth. When we understand and use it, we become free to be the most fulfilling expression of ourselves. We get to choose how we feel, and it is up to each of us to manage our own energy (emotional wellbeing). This is far more important than what we know, what other people think, or what’s happened in the past. We attract based on our frequency. And when we feel good, we attract good-feeling thoughts and things into our lives.

So, anytime we are thinking something that’s in opposition to what we believe at a soul level, we feel bad. Thoughts that limit or constrict us, will always feel off, because they’re not in harmony with who we are, as amazing creators with infinite potential and freedom. When we feel good, our way of seeing life is in harmony with who we truly are.

To shift quickly, we have to first recognize where we are, and then remember that we have the ability,thankfully, to manage our own energy, our emotional wellbeing. We can cultivate an awesome life experience, we get to choose. So to shift in a downbeat, acknowledge where you are, and don’t take it too seriously. It’s just a feeling that’s telling you that you want to step back into your awesomeness.

3 Quick Steps to Feeling Upbeat and Awesome

1) When you notice that you’re “in a downbeat” or unhappy, take a deep breath and get present to what you’ve been thinking about. Ask yourself, do I really want to create that? When you see that you’re answer is no, move to the next step.

2) Imagine the downbeat feelings leaving your body, drifting away and dissolving into nothing. Keep letting them go and notice how much lighter you feel. If it helps, you can tell yourself; “I am now letting go of this (anger, sadness, blame, guilt etc). Keep letting it go. See it leaving your body and dissolving into nothing. Let it go to feel lighter and happier, so you can attract what you truly want. Keep letting it go until you feel a neutral, or peaceful spaciousness.

3) Now choose how you really want to feel. Think of an emotion that feels good to you. Start with a single, uplifting word, for example, clarity…ease…fun…plenty…or love. Pick something that feels good, and focus on that one word for a minute or two. Repeat it slowly a few times, and allow your body to feel that emotion. Let it expand and notice how you’re feeling better, and better, and better as you allow it to grow. See yourself in this new way of being.

This is a simple, yet very effective method of shifting your energy upward. It can make a difference in your energy in as little as twenty to thirty seconds. However, if you’ve been in a downbeat for a while, it may take a little longer. But, everyone I’ve given this practice to, has reported a powerful shift within a minute or two, and usually much sooner.

As you go about your day, notice what you love and appreciate. Find ways to feel good, and you’ll feel and attract more of that.

In a future message, we’ll talk about practices that help you start the day off in a powerful way. So, be sure to check your inbox each week for the next post.

You are amazing and powerful. See yourself as a masterful chooser, and let it be fun and easy!

Much Love,


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