What I Do

Elari Onawa
[dropcap]H[/dropcap]i I’m Elari Onawa. 

What lights me up is helping you be lit up by life! There is so much beauty within and around us, but we live in a world that doesn’t always focus on that! Too much emphasis is placed on struggling,  and pushing against what’s not wanted, rather than embracing the magic and miracle of life.    

This doesn’t mean that won’t have challenges at times, but when we decide to live from a clean fuel source, from who we truly are, we have access to  peace, play, confidence and grace. We get connected with a greater purpose and light up !

You and  I are are incredible beings with magnificent gifts to explore, appreciate and share. Yet far too often, we lose sight of this, as we get absorbed in “busyness”, or get caught in self-doubt,or  procrastinate our life away.

When we do not live from our True Power, we can not see beyond the illusion of doubt and worry! And so we feel stuck and dim that awesome light, which we are here to shine, for ourselves and others!  You are lit up when you share what is truly important to you! And it is in following your true dreams and desires that you come alive!

Your dreams and desires are the language of your Soul, calling you forth to who you truly are! And so that is where your joy and greatest sense of fulfillment reside, living from this magical place of who you truly are!

I invite you to walk with me, in the sacred in the everyday, in purpose , play and grace! From this place we can see the Higher Truth, and the Beauty in all we experience.

Walk in Beauty,