Aligning with Your Divine Potential

Celebrating Your Psychic Gifts

In this 4-Session Series Alex and I will guide you in developing your psychic and intuitive gifts! Sold Out You’ll learn and practice your skills in a fun environment. We’ll help you embrace and refine your gifts…

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Discover Your Psychic Abilites

This Sunday evening Alex and I are hosting a very special event to help you see where your natural psychic and intuitive gifts are! Would you like to discover how to tap your specific psychic abilities? Which…

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In Luxor among the Orbs

Know Thyself

I’ve spent time in Egypt exploring temples and visiting sacred sites throughout the country. One of my favorite places is the Temple of Luxor. Seeped in thousands of years of spiritual initiation and study, I felt a…

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Sacred Expression/ Automatic Writing Celebration

We’re coming together to celebrate the 2012-2013 Automatic Writing/Sacred Expression participants. It has been an exciting journey, and so much has unfolded. Creativity has soared and access to higher wisdom has expanded in leaps and bounds! Businesses…

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Beach Chairs

Nature Meditation at the Beach

This  3-minute video was created to celebrate the magic of nature at the beach.  I took most of these pictures as I was preparing for a Power Meditation in Nature Series  that I do with my partner…

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